Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!!

What better nail design for today than a frog? I'm just so excited to wear my green I've had them sitting in a little box off to t he side saying don't touch till March. I had the idea to paint a frog on my nails for a while since my cousin loves the Princess and the Frog and watches it over and over again. So I just painted a hungry frog head on my middle finger with a fly and put pocka dots on the rest of my nail and I liked how it turned out.

 I did a Tigger theme for today but I was thinking Tigger bounces more than he leaps lol. But enough of that I'm so excited I ordered some Dollish nail polish, this will be a first for me I ordered 4, Hip Hop Hippity Hop, Fat Guy in a Little Coat, Putting on the Ritzzz, and Expecto Patronum(I'm such a Harry Potter Dork lol) I also hit up Llarowe I got A England's Lady of the Lake, Order of the Garter, and Dragon, Hit's Hefesto, and a Mari Moon Unconventional and finally decided to try out Glitter Gal I got a Dark Brown Sparkle since I don't have many browns plus it sparkles so that's always a plus. I also got my email from Leah Ann saying she got my Lynnderella Wish List =D if you know what I'm talking about you know I'm excited because I asked for Love, Lace and Lilac and Connect the Dots.... ahh Connect the Dots oh how I want you. I remember the first time I saw that polish it was a picture of a broken polish I thought was diamonds on the bottom the a shopping bag so I clicked the picture and it was Polish Police's Blog about her broken Connect the dots and some swatches and after that I fell in love. So here's the question how do you feel about connect the dots?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tickle me Elmo =D

Okay I'm a sucker for Elmo, growing up I just loved him so today I bought an elmo shirt and decided to take it a step further and give him a special spot on my nails.

I was kinda in a rush while painting him my son was running around like he had ants in his pants, luckly he calmed down to look at my nails... even if it were only for 2 minutes. But I also put elmo on my nails because it gave me an excuse to paint my nails red and I finally got the wet n wild red and I love it, what you see is one coat you know I'm a one coat kinda girl lol. And yes I have falsies on my nails, I went and got pampered the only problem I had was I asked for gels and she gave me acrylic and their a wee too long for my liking and I swear I feel like they're slanted or something but since there was a bit of a language barrier I didn't say anything because she just seemed so sweet when I could understand her.  But next time I'm going to a spa to get a regular mani and a pedi I like falsies on some people but they just dont fit me plus it's hard to pick things up lol... it's been a very very long day but here's a picture of what my nails looked like when I got them.

Pretty reminded me of my senior prom this is the design I got expect I got it in a silvery teal. Well today's question is how do feel about false nails?

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Simplicity of Blue

I'm so in love with Revlon's Royal nail polish. It's such a blue that is beautiful on it's own. But of course I couldn't leave well enough alone so I added a little something extra to make it pop. I wasn't sure about the 3D art things out there but I figured it wouldn't hurt to try them and I have to say I like them. I bought a wheel at Sally's of the different fruits and flowers so you'll see a couple popping up here and there the wheel's were only 6 bucks which to me was a great deal. Anyways enough about the flowers and more about Royal, seriously this reminds me of the blue that is in the crayon box, the blue that we all know as blue, the blue that just makes you go wow that is blue. I just love this blue polish I love it even more because it's as blue on my nails and it is the bottle.

 Since we're on the subject of blue I finally tried the Revlon's Whimsical. I wish someone would of told me how sheer it was but it does look pretty over Sinful colors Cinderella and just for that I'll  say I'll keep it around. It does have a sweet charm to  it, like cotton candy on your nails =D so if you are thinking about this polish just know this polish is very sheer even with 4 coats it was still transparent so pair it wish a more opaque light blue.

 I really like the colors Revlon has right now and I really love how at Ulta it's buy 2 get one free which is always great when buying new polishes and explaining to the husband that I didn't really buy 6 polished I only bought 4 and got 2 free... that just sounds more logical to me lol he still doesn't understand especially when he  thinks most polishes look the same. So question would you still buy a polish even if it did kinda sorta look a little like another polish you have?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Feeling the pull

I am now a big fan on the magnetic nail polish, as I said yesterday I bought 2 a red and a green  at Claire's and I've fallen in love with the green one. It did take me a couple tries before I got it right because sometimes I would touch the magnet to my nail  so I would have to start all over again and then trying to get the pattern I wanted was a trail but in the end I got the hang of it. I might have to spurge and get some a ulta. So here's how they looked...

 Pretty cool huh? Kinda reminds me of Polish Marbling. So what do you think of magnetic polish is it worth the time? Makes you wonder what they'll come up with next =D

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Yummy in my Tummy

Today I went on a little adventure to the mall, why it was an adventure? Try having you brother take you the the mall with his girlfriend and your one year old son who hasn't taken a nap and then you'd understand lol. But since I was at the mall I went into Claire's because I hear you can find rare treasures and alot of dupes. Well since I live in ocala there wasn't much of a selection, they had a bunch of glow in the dark and neons and a bunch of glitters so I stocked up on some of each and I also bought some of their magnetic nail polishes, I'll talk about those later since I haven't been able to try them yet I figured I'd see if I could do that tomorrow when my son is taking his nap. So anyways I've fallen for this glitter pink polish.... and it's always a plus it reminds me of deborah lippmann candy shop =D

Funny thing is this is called Candy Shop too! At first I was like this kinda looks ugly but when it's on your nails you have a different out look. Doesn't it remind you of candy sprinkles? But besides this I got a couple of glitters and glow in the dark colors I'm going to try out later but during all my hunting I got alot of compliments on my nails, for some reason alot of people didn't think I did them myself one lady even said that's strange. I didn't think it was so strange that I did my nails myself, especially since I was in there in line buying all that nail polish, you would think I'd use it. lol. But here's a picture of my nails I had for the day...

 Yea I couldn't really decide which blue to use so I just sponged on 4 different blues on top of a white base and then I made some cheetah prints and a holo top coat and I was off to the races =D. So where is your favorite little place to get nail polishes? I wished we had an Icing store I love there nail polish... I don't understand why they wouldn't be in Claire's since it's owned by them *shrugs*. Omg and even H&M has some pretty nail polished for only $5 ugh why does the mall here has to be so small lol.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Lacquistry Nail Polish

A couple weeks ago I came across Jenna from Lacquistry on esty. I love the handmade franken nail polishes on that site and when I came across her batches of nail polishes I fell in love but at the same time I never ordered on esty so I didn't really know what to expect. How long would it take, what kind of quailty product would I receive, would it be worth the price, and lastly would it be what I expected. Well I ordered these polishes on the 9th and I got them today the 24th so about 2 week but you also got to understand these are all made by her one person and I knew I wasn't the only one ordering these polishes so I got them in a good amount of time. Now let me tell you about the polishes... I love them! They surpassed everything I thought they would be and it was worth every penny it's cheaper than most on the site at $7.50 but you do have to pay for shipping and handling which depends on where you live like the rest but all in all I paid only $8.50 each. And they are not a minis!! I ordered Bee's Knees and Pecan of the Bells.
 Bee's Knee's

 I used 2 coats of bee's knees over 1 coat of black polish, I love the holo hexs over my black nail polish. But you can also use it over any color that goes with gold I'm going to pair it with green next to see how that goes.
 Pecan of the Bells

 I love how this reminds me of pecan pie, like you dipped your nails in it good enough to eat. I did only 2 coats of this with a top coat over it so it wouldn't look so chunky. But the picture doesn't show the polish to the best advantage it's a real beautiful pecan tan color that's warm and inviting just like a pecan pie =D.

These polishes are chunky glitter polishes that have the perfect amount of glitter. So when Jenna opens up shop again give Lacquistry a visit and take a look around you won't be disappointed. I can't wait for her to open up shop again so I can check out everything else.

So have you tried shopping on And what did you buy or look at?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Silly Nails make Smiles

My son is my world and I love to make him smile so for today it has been about what Roman wants and likes. Since he doesn't talk I have to rely on his smiles. So I would try different designs and if he would smile and hold my hand I knew it was a keeper and if he wouldn't spare it the time of day I knew it wasn't to his liking. So I have come to this conclusion, cartoons now a days know what they are doing, my son loves different colors the brighter the better. So I put my son's favorite cartoon's on my nails and he loved them. He'd run up to my nails hold my hand giggle run away and so on, my son is silly. So here are my son's favorite nail designs....

 Roman Favorite's

 Now it also probably helped with the little noises mommy also made with each design. So what's cartoon would you put on your nails?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mellow Peacocking for Mardi Gras

Used St. George, Orly's Lux, and Sinful Colors Let's Talk

I don't know if I'm the only one but when I think of Mardi Gras I think of a couple things, 1 beads, 2 how to get the beans, 3 party and 4 peacocks. I know the first 3 are obvious but why peacocks because that's what alot of people do when they go to Mardi Gras they peacock and it's not a bad thing and also the colors are similar I love it. I've never been to Mardi Gras in New Orleans I hope to one day I've only been to Universal Mardi Gras and it was the best because in some ways it links me to my husband, I got one of his spare tickets from a friend of mine who worked with him before we met but we didnt get to meet that day but that's another story. But here's some more Mardi Gras fever...
Used St. George, Orly's Lux, Julep's Marisa

 I love the colors they seriously remind me of a peacock lol I have peacocks on the brain even the white one's which are just a beautiful they kind remind me of swans. Anyways just kinda threw a pattern together because Mardi Gras is kinda all over the place with beans, feathers, masks, colors, floats, food, body parts, glitter, everything wild and crazy and fun! Unfortunately, I only have 10 fingers and only 5 I can manage to take a picture of it would be nice to be able to show both hands but I'm just not that talented lol to be an octopus with painted nails would be awesome lol. So question what is your favorite thing to Celebrate whether holiday or tradition?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nail Mail Nail Polish Haul

Mr. Mail man made me very happy today, so what did I find when I went to the mail box you may ask well I found these....

 I ordered these from Llarowe's they are the most beautiful nail polishes I've come across in a long while. First let me talk about hits, I got Hera(teal), Atena(pink), Dionisio(purple), Zeus(black), and Hit's Jazz (green and blue flakies). I can't tell you how much I love these polishes I just love them. The Hits Olimpo are holo and the holo's really stand out and it's another what you see is what you get without a million coats. And Jazz is my new favorite flakie hands down it's a smooth flaky the flakes don't stick out everywhere it looks like I put foil on my nails myself I just can't stop looking at it. It also looks amazing over black because that's when the blue flakes really pop out I'm going to mix it up and see what other colors I can mix it up with but hands down my favorite flaky so far. Did I mention only one coat lol I'm a big fan of one coat nail polishes. But they are so pretty when I was doing the swatches I didn't what to take them off but as I kept going I feel in love with each color.

 Saving the best for last A England is my new favorite brand of nail polish I love love love love love St. George. It's the most beautifulest sparkly green nail polish that I've had the honor of putting on my nails. and I rarely put green on my nails. The only time I put a full green on my nails is Christmas and when I paint a peacocks on my nails, but this green is a sexy classy green. What I love about this polish is it only took one coat, yes just one coat and that was it. Also another what you see is what you get not only that it went on so smooth it was like butter. I honestly didn't want to take it off.

 Honestly how beautiful is that polish, I think that I'm going to have to stock up on A England Nail polish now =D. So question what is your favorite brand of nail polish?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Eye of the Tiger

Today was such a great day, I just felt happy and relaxed so I felt what better time than to deep clean the house... So I pretty much spent my day cleaning everything in sight... I clean the house so well I don't even remember where I put half of my husbands things go figure lol. But while cleaning I came across my high school year book(you know the book that you just have to go through every time you see it yet you wish you would lose it) but looking at it's cover and seeing the mascot which Dunnellon's was a tiger yay tigers I thought it would be really awesome to see if I could get the design on my nail so this is what I ended up with.

 Yea the eye of the tiger don't mine the lint and fuzz on the nails I was in the middle of cleaning... yea i'm kinda scatter brained like that at times lol. But I figured I'd do the eye of the tiger since that was also the schools theme song... how original right...or not but what can you say it was high school for some the best years of our lives for others not so much. Anyways I liked how it turned out and it wasn't as hard as I thought just an eye, some sponging(I really like sponging) and some strips, then for the rest of the nails strips I didn't want to go over board and end up with 10 eyes only thing is I had to do this twice because I realized when I took the pictures the eyes where backwards lol. But other than all of that I can see myself totally rocking these nails more often I'll probably try another animal... hmm what animal should I try next.... maybe a peacock? So that's the question what animal would you totally dedicate your nails to?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Everything Cheetah

This is going to be a short post as my son broke my "E" button I keep having to slam it down and even then sometimes it doesn't want to type. So I'm reminiscing about the days when I was young and somewhat skinny and I use to wear cheetah print... oh how I miss those I'll get it back until then I'm gonna stick to wearing cheetah print on my nails. I am a big fan of cheetah print it just feels fun and sexy. Zebra print too but that's for another blog.  My favorite thing about cheetah print is you can wear it in so many different ways where classy and sleek or fun and colorful. Or you can put them together best of both worlds.
 Color color color I love color. =D The best color polish I use is from sinful colors and pure ice plus they are budget friendly and most of the times on sale.

 Oh gosh don't pay attention to the booty finger, but I really like this design it's glamorous and easy plus I also like the gold I used Orly Luxe it's the best for sponging but it's a little slow to get off. So what's your favorite animal print?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Crazy Colorful Nails

Today hasn't been a very cheery day I'm sick, I live in Florida you know the state that doesn't have Christmas because it's 80 degrees and it's sunny... I miss my winters I use to live in Bremington Washington about 45 minutes outside of Seattle where we'd get alot of snow, so it's a bit of a warp. So today is  just one of those off days where it's cloudy and rainy and hot all in one. I like it better when it's just down pouring better to read and sleep in. So since it was icky I decided to add a little color to my day... Or alot and since I don't feel good I figured I'd just fake feeling amazing and give myself an amazing mani.
 So I started by putting a base coat on my nails then I painted my nails with one coat white you know just to give myself a canvas and to make the colors *pop* more, I only used one coat because even if it's streaky the color is going to cover it. You want the polish to dry before anything else because you want your colorful polish to stick when you sponge it on. After that I gathered all my bright cheerful colors together and took my eye shadow applicators and started sponging the colors randomly on my nails(and everything around my nails which is okay because you can easily clean it up). You don't have to use an eye shadow applicator you can also use a makeup sponge just rip it in little pieces and take the little piece and sponge on the nail polish using the jagged edge that way when you sponge  on the nail polish it's not sponging on square.
 So now is when you want to clean up your cuticles I use a ear cleaner and just dipped it in nail polish remover and cleaned away the extra nail polish. After that I started the fun part and started painting zebra strips on my newly colorful nails.
 After my zebra strips I re-cleaned my cuticles I don't have a steady hand today lol, but here's my favorite part you can either leave it like this and put on a glossy finish or you can always add a lil' something more.
Now my cloudy day doesn't seem so grey.

Ozotic more like Out of this world

This picture doesn't give these polished credit. Ozotic is an Australian nail polish that has become a big thing in the states.  These puppies are apart of the underground nail craze that's been going around along with the Lynnderella polishes which I'm not gonna talk about again till I have those holey polishes on my fingers *sighs*. Any ways I got these beautiful polishes from Llarowe this is a small site created by Leah Ann (who is a god send to all polishoholics everywhere in the states), who supplies overseas nail polishes at incredible prices and if you spend more than $50 and you live in the states shipping and handling is free which is great because if you try to get them yourself your looking at paying $30 + bucks on shipping and handling plus the cost of the nail polishes and then there's the risk of it getting lost somewhere out in that big world.  Anyways back to the polish I bough Ozotic 509 which is a holo silver, 516 which is to me a light holo pink and lastly 624 which is a sparkly holo purple. I paid $17.50 for each one but they are sooooo worth it. They look pale at first but when your outside these puppies shine.

Ozotic 509
Ozotic 516

Ozotic 624
 At first I wasn't so sure about the purple sparkle I thought it would be grainy but its just every ounce of perfect. What I love most is what you see is what you get, the color comes out just like it looks in the bottle without a million coats. I just can't wait to get more, I have some of the hits nail polish from Brazil coming next I can't wait!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Just because your on a diet doesn't mean you cant give you nails a lil' something sweet.

I got inspired by  Heather she's having a birthday giveaway and when I was looking at her Pinterest pictures I kept looking at the pink candy/sprinkle rimmed martini glasses and it gave me an idea to do pink with pocka dots on my nails I couldn't help myself. It's a work in progress before I get a design I like but I'll keep working on it. So question what gives you inspiration when your trying out different designs... speaking of which  Kitties26  at More Nail Polish is having a Lynnderella nail polish contest, but you have to work for it and make a nail design and your inspiration for it for I'm working on it because I love Lynnderella's nail polish plus I haven't been able to get my hands on one =( what I would do for one anyways hit up her blog and check it out.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just going for milk ... in a perfect world

It's not our fault if we go to the store and we have to pass by the nail polish section on the way to the milk is it? I don't think so, plus it's helping the economy right? Enough with the excuses these cute little babies were only $1.99  at Walgreens  they are by Wet n Wild so they are a penny pincher dream as my friend calls them, so the price melted my heart and hubby wouldn't be mad if I got them.  I also thought the colors were cute they really remind me of a spring that is taking too long to come. What I love about these are the brush, it's a pro brush, a big brush that only really takes 2 strokes and your finished with your first coat simple as that, I have a 1 year old so as much as I would love to take my time to do my nails I know that's a luxury that I rarely get so these help. Anyway enough talking and here's some swatches...
 3 coats of Wet n Wild 205B Sugar Coat

 2 coats of Wet n Wild 219C On a Trip

 2 coats Wet n Wild of 217B Disturbia

 2 coats Wet n Wild of 208B Through the Grapevine

 2 coats Wet n Wild of 218A- I need a Refresh-mint

I got the springy color's since hopefully it's around the corner somewhere but with this weather who would know lol but I like these polishes I feel like wet n wild is stepping their game up from the polish that I use to know.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nail's dripping in sparkles and covered in flakes

I'm a newbie when it comes to this underground nail polish phenomenon, but let's just say it's not hard to get hooked. It all started when my mom convinced me to look into becoming a nail tech because I love to draw and paint nails so yea it was kinda like a thing I was destined to do, when I was a kid I use to try to make fake nails out of glue lets just say they didn't work but I thought I was so cool lol can you imagine a 7 year old walking around with that greyish goopy glue that dried glued to their fingers lol ahh how I've grown from glue to acrylic/gel. But anyways before I go down memory lane I've decided to start a blog on my journey to uncover the world of nail polish starting with my first purchases of Essie's nail polish. The first one I tried was Essie's Luxeffect 952 shine of the time over Sinful Colors Black on black and I love it, I wasn't so sure about flakies because some of the ones I saw didn't pop they were kind of transparent. This flakies only took one coat to look like this....

Essie's Shine of the time
 Whoever came up with flakies needs to get a hug =) I just love looking at them, this looks amazing over black with the different shades of greens and oranges, I'm going to have stock up on these. I also grabbed Essie's 958 set in stones, I  seriously I love it, because a little bit does go a long ways and it also reminds me of a silver one sized glitter Lynnderella Changes lol or not so much. I'm not really big on big glitters because it's hard to get off and when I wrap them up in tin foil my son thinks I'm just being crazy so when you have a 1 year old look at you funny you know you look ridiculous, but this is worth it and I'm beginning to get change of heart when it comes to glitter.

Essie's Set in Stones

For this nail design I used my beauty secrets base coat, then 2 coats of sally hansens hard as nails 370- no hard feelings then, I just wanted it to look like I dipped my nails in sparkles so I just swipped the tips with some Essie and a top coat and that was it. What more can a girl want than nails dripping in sparkles =D. So all in all I like these 2 Luxeffect's I wanted to get the other 3 in the collection but they never have them, maybe next time =)

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