Saturday, February 18, 2012

Crazy Colorful Nails

Today hasn't been a very cheery day I'm sick, I live in Florida you know the state that doesn't have Christmas because it's 80 degrees and it's sunny... I miss my winters I use to live in Bremington Washington about 45 minutes outside of Seattle where we'd get alot of snow, so it's a bit of a warp. So today is  just one of those off days where it's cloudy and rainy and hot all in one. I like it better when it's just down pouring better to read and sleep in. So since it was icky I decided to add a little color to my day... Or alot and since I don't feel good I figured I'd just fake feeling amazing and give myself an amazing mani.
 So I started by putting a base coat on my nails then I painted my nails with one coat white you know just to give myself a canvas and to make the colors *pop* more, I only used one coat because even if it's streaky the color is going to cover it. You want the polish to dry before anything else because you want your colorful polish to stick when you sponge it on. After that I gathered all my bright cheerful colors together and took my eye shadow applicators and started sponging the colors randomly on my nails(and everything around my nails which is okay because you can easily clean it up). You don't have to use an eye shadow applicator you can also use a makeup sponge just rip it in little pieces and take the little piece and sponge on the nail polish using the jagged edge that way when you sponge  on the nail polish it's not sponging on square.
 So now is when you want to clean up your cuticles I use a ear cleaner and just dipped it in nail polish remover and cleaned away the extra nail polish. After that I started the fun part and started painting zebra strips on my newly colorful nails.
 After my zebra strips I re-cleaned my cuticles I don't have a steady hand today lol, but here's my favorite part you can either leave it like this and put on a glossy finish or you can always add a lil' something more.
Now my cloudy day doesn't seem so grey.


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