Monday, February 20, 2012

Eye of the Tiger

Today was such a great day, I just felt happy and relaxed so I felt what better time than to deep clean the house... So I pretty much spent my day cleaning everything in sight... I clean the house so well I don't even remember where I put half of my husbands things go figure lol. But while cleaning I came across my high school year book(you know the book that you just have to go through every time you see it yet you wish you would lose it) but looking at it's cover and seeing the mascot which Dunnellon's was a tiger yay tigers I thought it would be really awesome to see if I could get the design on my nail so this is what I ended up with.

 Yea the eye of the tiger don't mine the lint and fuzz on the nails I was in the middle of cleaning... yea i'm kinda scatter brained like that at times lol. But I figured I'd do the eye of the tiger since that was also the schools theme song... how original right...or not but what can you say it was high school for some the best years of our lives for others not so much. Anyways I liked how it turned out and it wasn't as hard as I thought just an eye, some sponging(I really like sponging) and some strips, then for the rest of the nails strips I didn't want to go over board and end up with 10 eyes only thing is I had to do this twice because I realized when I took the pictures the eyes where backwards lol. But other than all of that I can see myself totally rocking these nails more often I'll probably try another animal... hmm what animal should I try next.... maybe a peacock? So that's the question what animal would you totally dedicate your nails to?


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