Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!!

What better nail design for today than a frog? I'm just so excited to wear my green I've had them sitting in a little box off to t he side saying don't touch till March. I had the idea to paint a frog on my nails for a while since my cousin loves the Princess and the Frog and watches it over and over again. So I just painted a hungry frog head on my middle finger with a fly and put pocka dots on the rest of my nail and I liked how it turned out.

 I did a Tigger theme for today but I was thinking Tigger bounces more than he leaps lol. But enough of that I'm so excited I ordered some Dollish nail polish, this will be a first for me I ordered 4, Hip Hop Hippity Hop, Fat Guy in a Little Coat, Putting on the Ritzzz, and Expecto Patronum(I'm such a Harry Potter Dork lol) I also hit up Llarowe I got A England's Lady of the Lake, Order of the Garter, and Dragon, Hit's Hefesto, and a Mari Moon Unconventional and finally decided to try out Glitter Gal I got a Dark Brown Sparkle since I don't have many browns plus it sparkles so that's always a plus. I also got my email from Leah Ann saying she got my Lynnderella Wish List =D if you know what I'm talking about you know I'm excited because I asked for Love, Lace and Lilac and Connect the Dots.... ahh Connect the Dots oh how I want you. I remember the first time I saw that polish it was a picture of a broken polish I thought was diamonds on the bottom the a shopping bag so I clicked the picture and it was Polish Police's Blog about her broken Connect the dots and some swatches and after that I fell in love. So here's the question how do you feel about connect the dots?


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