Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nail Mail Nail Polish Haul

Mr. Mail man made me very happy today, so what did I find when I went to the mail box you may ask well I found these....

 I ordered these from Llarowe's they are the most beautiful nail polishes I've come across in a long while. First let me talk about hits, I got Hera(teal), Atena(pink), Dionisio(purple), Zeus(black), and Hit's Jazz (green and blue flakies). I can't tell you how much I love these polishes I just love them. The Hits Olimpo are holo and the holo's really stand out and it's another what you see is what you get without a million coats. And Jazz is my new favorite flakie hands down it's a smooth flaky the flakes don't stick out everywhere it looks like I put foil on my nails myself I just can't stop looking at it. It also looks amazing over black because that's when the blue flakes really pop out I'm going to mix it up and see what other colors I can mix it up with but hands down my favorite flaky so far. Did I mention only one coat lol I'm a big fan of one coat nail polishes. But they are so pretty when I was doing the swatches I didn't what to take them off but as I kept going I feel in love with each color.

 Saving the best for last A England is my new favorite brand of nail polish I love love love love love St. George. It's the most beautifulest sparkly green nail polish that I've had the honor of putting on my nails. and I rarely put green on my nails. The only time I put a full green on my nails is Christmas and when I paint a peacocks on my nails, but this green is a sexy classy green. What I love about this polish is it only took one coat, yes just one coat and that was it. Also another what you see is what you get not only that it went on so smooth it was like butter. I honestly didn't want to take it off.

 Honestly how beautiful is that polish, I think that I'm going to have to stock up on A England Nail polish now =D. So question what is your favorite brand of nail polish?


  1. a-england have become my favourite brand now, i ordered a few from their site directly, Adina is lovely and threw an extra one in, the one i didn't order is now one of my favourites out of all of my 100 or so polishes: Galahad. I also found that the ones I didn't originally put in my wish list (avalon and perceval) but read about on blogs and added later before buying the whole wishlist are my favourite red and purples!

  2. Oh man, St. George is SO pretty


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