Thursday, February 23, 2012

Silly Nails make Smiles

My son is my world and I love to make him smile so for today it has been about what Roman wants and likes. Since he doesn't talk I have to rely on his smiles. So I would try different designs and if he would smile and hold my hand I knew it was a keeper and if he wouldn't spare it the time of day I knew it wasn't to his liking. So I have come to this conclusion, cartoons now a days know what they are doing, my son loves different colors the brighter the better. So I put my son's favorite cartoon's on my nails and he loved them. He'd run up to my nails hold my hand giggle run away and so on, my son is silly. So here are my son's favorite nail designs....

 Roman Favorite's

 Now it also probably helped with the little noises mommy also made with each design. So what's cartoon would you put on your nails?

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  1. Everything about this blog entry is cute! Your son is wicked adorable :)


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