Monday, February 27, 2012

The Simplicity of Blue

I'm so in love with Revlon's Royal nail polish. It's such a blue that is beautiful on it's own. But of course I couldn't leave well enough alone so I added a little something extra to make it pop. I wasn't sure about the 3D art things out there but I figured it wouldn't hurt to try them and I have to say I like them. I bought a wheel at Sally's of the different fruits and flowers so you'll see a couple popping up here and there the wheel's were only 6 bucks which to me was a great deal. Anyways enough about the flowers and more about Royal, seriously this reminds me of the blue that is in the crayon box, the blue that we all know as blue, the blue that just makes you go wow that is blue. I just love this blue polish I love it even more because it's as blue on my nails and it is the bottle.

 Since we're on the subject of blue I finally tried the Revlon's Whimsical. I wish someone would of told me how sheer it was but it does look pretty over Sinful colors Cinderella and just for that I'll  say I'll keep it around. It does have a sweet charm to  it, like cotton candy on your nails =D so if you are thinking about this polish just know this polish is very sheer even with 4 coats it was still transparent so pair it wish a more opaque light blue.

 I really like the colors Revlon has right now and I really love how at Ulta it's buy 2 get one free which is always great when buying new polishes and explaining to the husband that I didn't really buy 6 polished I only bought 4 and got 2 free... that just sounds more logical to me lol he still doesn't understand especially when he  thinks most polishes look the same. So question would you still buy a polish even if it did kinda sorta look a little like another polish you have?


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