Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ozotic more like Out of this world

This picture doesn't give these polished credit. Ozotic is an Australian nail polish that has become a big thing in the states.  These puppies are apart of the underground nail craze that's been going around along with the Lynnderella polishes which I'm not gonna talk about again till I have those holey polishes on my fingers *sighs*. Any ways I got these beautiful polishes from Llarowe this is a small site created by Leah Ann (who is a god send to all polishoholics everywhere in the states), who supplies overseas nail polishes at incredible prices and if you spend more than $50 and you live in the states shipping and handling is free which is great because if you try to get them yourself your looking at paying $30 + bucks on shipping and handling plus the cost of the nail polishes and then there's the risk of it getting lost somewhere out in that big world.  Anyways back to the polish I bough Ozotic 509 which is a holo silver, 516 which is to me a light holo pink and lastly 624 which is a sparkly holo purple. I paid $17.50 for each one but they are sooooo worth it. They look pale at first but when your outside these puppies shine.

Ozotic 509
Ozotic 516

Ozotic 624
 At first I wasn't so sure about the purple sparkle I thought it would be grainy but its just every ounce of perfect. What I love most is what you see is what you get, the color comes out just like it looks in the bottle without a million coats. I just can't wait to get more, I have some of the hits nail polish from Brazil coming next I can't wait!


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