Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tickle me Elmo =D

Okay I'm a sucker for Elmo, growing up I just loved him so today I bought an elmo shirt and decided to take it a step further and give him a special spot on my nails.

I was kinda in a rush while painting him my son was running around like he had ants in his pants, luckly he calmed down to look at my nails... even if it were only for 2 minutes. But I also put elmo on my nails because it gave me an excuse to paint my nails red and I finally got the wet n wild red and I love it, what you see is one coat you know I'm a one coat kinda girl lol. And yes I have falsies on my nails, I went and got pampered the only problem I had was I asked for gels and she gave me acrylic and their a wee too long for my liking and I swear I feel like they're slanted or something but since there was a bit of a language barrier I didn't say anything because she just seemed so sweet when I could understand her.  But next time I'm going to a spa to get a regular mani and a pedi I like falsies on some people but they just dont fit me plus it's hard to pick things up lol... it's been a very very long day but here's a picture of what my nails looked like when I got them.

Pretty reminded me of my senior prom this is the design I got expect I got it in a silvery teal. Well today's question is how do feel about false nails?


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