Saturday, February 25, 2012

Yummy in my Tummy

Today I went on a little adventure to the mall, why it was an adventure? Try having you brother take you the the mall with his girlfriend and your one year old son who hasn't taken a nap and then you'd understand lol. But since I was at the mall I went into Claire's because I hear you can find rare treasures and alot of dupes. Well since I live in ocala there wasn't much of a selection, they had a bunch of glow in the dark and neons and a bunch of glitters so I stocked up on some of each and I also bought some of their magnetic nail polishes, I'll talk about those later since I haven't been able to try them yet I figured I'd see if I could do that tomorrow when my son is taking his nap. So anyways I've fallen for this glitter pink polish.... and it's always a plus it reminds me of deborah lippmann candy shop =D

Funny thing is this is called Candy Shop too! At first I was like this kinda looks ugly but when it's on your nails you have a different out look. Doesn't it remind you of candy sprinkles? But besides this I got a couple of glitters and glow in the dark colors I'm going to try out later but during all my hunting I got alot of compliments on my nails, for some reason alot of people didn't think I did them myself one lady even said that's strange. I didn't think it was so strange that I did my nails myself, especially since I was in there in line buying all that nail polish, you would think I'd use it. lol. But here's a picture of my nails I had for the day...

 Yea I couldn't really decide which blue to use so I just sponged on 4 different blues on top of a white base and then I made some cheetah prints and a holo top coat and I was off to the races =D. So where is your favorite little place to get nail polishes? I wished we had an Icing store I love there nail polish... I don't understand why they wouldn't be in Claire's since it's owned by them *shrugs*. Omg and even H&M has some pretty nail polished for only $5 ugh why does the mall here has to be so small lol.


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