Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nail's dripping in sparkles and covered in flakes

I'm a newbie when it comes to this underground nail polish phenomenon, but let's just say it's not hard to get hooked. It all started when my mom convinced me to look into becoming a nail tech because I love to draw and paint nails so yea it was kinda like a thing I was destined to do, when I was a kid I use to try to make fake nails out of glue lets just say they didn't work but I thought I was so cool lol can you imagine a 7 year old walking around with that greyish goopy glue that dried glued to their fingers lol ahh how I've grown from glue to acrylic/gel. But anyways before I go down memory lane I've decided to start a blog on my journey to uncover the world of nail polish starting with my first purchases of Essie's nail polish. The first one I tried was Essie's Luxeffect 952 shine of the time over Sinful Colors Black on black and I love it, I wasn't so sure about flakies because some of the ones I saw didn't pop they were kind of transparent. This flakies only took one coat to look like this....

Essie's Shine of the time
 Whoever came up with flakies needs to get a hug =) I just love looking at them, this looks amazing over black with the different shades of greens and oranges, I'm going to have stock up on these. I also grabbed Essie's 958 set in stones, I  seriously I love it, because a little bit does go a long ways and it also reminds me of a silver one sized glitter Lynnderella Changes lol or not so much. I'm not really big on big glitters because it's hard to get off and when I wrap them up in tin foil my son thinks I'm just being crazy so when you have a 1 year old look at you funny you know you look ridiculous, but this is worth it and I'm beginning to get change of heart when it comes to glitter.

Essie's Set in Stones

For this nail design I used my beauty secrets base coat, then 2 coats of sally hansens hard as nails 370- no hard feelings then, I just wanted it to look like I dipped my nails in sparkles so I just swipped the tips with some Essie and a top coat and that was it. What more can a girl want than nails dripping in sparkles =D. So all in all I like these 2 Luxeffect's I wanted to get the other 3 in the collection but they never have them, maybe next time =)

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