Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just going for milk ... in a perfect world

It's not our fault if we go to the store and we have to pass by the nail polish section on the way to the milk is it? I don't think so, plus it's helping the economy right? Enough with the excuses these cute little babies were only $1.99  at Walgreens  they are by Wet n Wild so they are a penny pincher dream as my friend calls them, so the price melted my heart and hubby wouldn't be mad if I got them.  I also thought the colors were cute they really remind me of a spring that is taking too long to come. What I love about these are the brush, it's a pro brush, a big brush that only really takes 2 strokes and your finished with your first coat simple as that, I have a 1 year old so as much as I would love to take my time to do my nails I know that's a luxury that I rarely get so these help. Anyway enough talking and here's some swatches...
 3 coats of Wet n Wild 205B Sugar Coat

 2 coats of Wet n Wild 219C On a Trip

 2 coats Wet n Wild of 217B Disturbia

 2 coats Wet n Wild of 208B Through the Grapevine

 2 coats Wet n Wild of 218A- I need a Refresh-mint

I got the springy color's since hopefully it's around the corner somewhere but with this weather who would know lol but I like these polishes I feel like wet n wild is stepping their game up from the polish that I use to know.

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  1. Those are gorgeous, but I MUST HAVE On a Trip and I need a Refresh-mint


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