Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's that fire!!

So I've had Max factor fantasy fire in my collection for a while but I've always been hesitant to use it because bottle is just soooo small and so hard to get unless you have an international friend who loves you to death, luckily one of my friends went on vacation and picked it up for me without realizing what she got lol as you can tell she's not one for nail polish, she just knows I love it. So since it's kinda on the sheer side and it's such a small bottle I layered it over Revlon's royal so without further adieu...
Inside natural lighting

Inside natural lighting
Bathroom lighting
Up close bathroom lighting
Outside direct light

A Blurry look

I think this polish is stunning makes me with I could have gotten Clarins 230/Unicorn Pee but I've decided not to sell my first born for it. And because I couldn't leave a great mani alone I stamped it and matted it and I was just blown away by how much I loved it I was honestly just gonna leave this on my nails till it came off but the OCD in me told me no can't needs a new fresh color. And the OCD in me is telling me never get false nails again... I just wanted the gel coating but they started filling my nails and all hell broke loose it's like she got all file happy and filed them down to nubs this is why I can't get a mani/pedi all at the same time I get put in a zone where I don't know what they are doing to my nails because the pedi is so magical lol oh well they're grow back after I take these things off.... but onto the special touch....

I love how this polish looks matted and I just adore my little lizard :) Stamping have become an addiction lol. I have to ration this polish, Max Factor use to be in the US but they stopped and now their home is in the UK *tear* I think that is also the reason why it's so popular it's because it's just hard to get just like Lynnderella polishes... ahh how we want what we can't have... one day I will have a Lynnderella polish!!


  1. Lovely colour! So pretty !

  2. He, he. You were right about today's post getting me. I've been lusting for Fantasy Fire since the first time I saw a swatch. I feel like I need about 20 more fingernails just to wear all the beautiful polishes that have come out recently. Funny, I just came back from a nail polish run and almost picked up Revlon Royal too.

  3. So jealous. And it does look amazing matte!

  4. stunning color! i love the finished look

  5. I love it mattified and that little lizard is so cute!!!

  6. SUCH a gorgeous colour! love it! I found your blog via the blog hop event and I am stopping by to say hello! please check out my blog as well and follow if you enjoy my posts!

  7. Well basically, I covet the original Clarins 230, thsi Max Factor, and the Cult Nails Clairvoyant/Unicorn Puke. Yes. All of them. This look is my dream nail look, and I won't rest until I find a dupe good enough to leave me content. :D

    1. also, I am too OCD to leave my typo ignored and implied. so *this.


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