Sunday, April 1, 2012


Your probably wondering where I've disappeared to... my hubby kidnapped me on a golfing trip... I don't golf so as I try to figure this out I leave you with the nail art I created for a berry polished nail contest that I didn't enter because I didn't think it was good enough... yea I siked myself out big time.

wasn't really happy with the detail to the Cherries the white got really goopy and thick on me

This was also the first time I really used my dotting tool. But I liked the last one I did because of the colors and because I have a big things for grapes but of course the grey cherries are more to my liking because I reminded me of my kitchen lol one of my favorite places in my house because it's where I do my nails. So until tomorrow when I can get a moment of Jessica time to just sit and paint my nails think of fruit.


  1. Oooh, these are adorable. I love the both of them actually, but the latter does have very bright colours and the grapes look delish!

  2. Oh why didn't you enter the contest?? Those cherries are SOOOOOOOOOOO SWEET!!!!!
    And I also very much agree about the colors of the dark fruty design, they are gorgeous!!

  3. LOVE the cherries!!! Super cute!

    Nominated you for an award!

  4. These look so great!! I'm a new Follower!

    Check out my nail art blog :)

  5. I love them both. You should have definitely entered. These are great.

  6. Hey, aww i love your blog write ups so funny, ive followed you :) Your nails are really cool, im just getting into Nail Art myself so i may be back asking for tips :) I'll email you my blog sometime and if u like you can follow

    Take Care, Holly x


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