Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Short and Sweet

Hi dolls I haven't been feeling very well so this post is gonna be short and sweet just like these nails.

This nail design is from the Sally Hansen Salon Effects, this one is Not a Peep from it's Spring/Easter collection. I thought they were cute and since I'm in a blah mood I just wanted something stick and go and this is pretty much what they are... I don't know about the lasting 10 days I can tell you these normally are pretty good with a good top coat on top I normally wear these for 2 days and on to the next one. Have you seen where people paint plastic and than put it on their nails? This is what it reminds me about except it's the whole nail, it's not one of those paper/foil ones that tend to fold at the tip it forms to your nail. So if your one the go and you need a quick nail these are for you, they are amazing quick, simple, and they have so many awesome designs this made me kinda upset that I had to lay in bed and no one could see them so I'm showing them to you :)

These are cute little chickie chicks :).


  1. Those are absolutely adorable. Love little chicks. I hope you're feeling better.

  2. Those are so sweet!!! I'll have to try them too :-D
    And do feel better!! You really need to!! <3

  3. love these!! im wearing wild child now!


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