Monday, April 2, 2012

Somethings just weren't meant to be....

I've come to the conclusion that I'm just not made to play golf. First I have huge boobs, secondly I have sucky depth perception I couldn't keep track of my ball lol and lastly, I just really suck at it. So when I got back from my little vaction that did involve alot of shopping and a spa day which didn't turn out how I'd planned but was still fun, my Lacquistry order was sitting in my mail box waiting for me, I was over the moon and in my order I had golf socks. I chose golf socks since hubby plays golf and his sister plays golf in college so it was only natural to get golf socks which is now the only personal link I have to golf. Golf socks is a navy jelly full of huge gold and blue hexes and mini hexes and I want to say copper and blue regular/ultra fine glitters. It is a light jelly so I chose to pair this glitter with Misa's Pour me something tall and blue(just a blue jelly).

I love the huge hexes

inside natural lighting

up close

up close you can see the cooper glitter

outside direct sunlight

outside in the shade.

All the old men golfers loved my nails which was hilarious can't say the same for some of the lady golfers some loved it and wanted to  know where I got it and loved the name but others just turned up their noses and triple boogied their next hole lol. I loved how this polish looked in the sun, it has the serious case of the sparkles. So what do you think of golf socks on the fingers? I just love lacquistry's polish to stay tuned on when Jenna will re-open her shop like and foller her facebook page.


  1. This is so pretty! The glitter/base colors really work well together. We haven't tried any of Lacquisty's stuff yet, but seeing this we might have to get on it!

  2. It looks very pretty and I love the name!!

  3. I love her polish, this looks awesome on you!

  4. It looks wonderful on your nails) so flattering colour)

  5. You have been nominated for the Versatile BLogger award... Please visit my page for details...

  6. this is an awesome color! much more interesting than golf :-P

  7. suuuuch a gorgeous polish. seriously, her stuff is just amazing!


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