Thursday, April 12, 2012

Typing and Polish

Normally they don't go well together but Pahlish has made it possible thanks to Typewritter Keys. At first when I saw the shard polishes I was like ehhh no not for me but I saw Pahlish's and since I had such a great experience with Toxic and Timeless I decided to see how some of her other polishes are. Now I think the reason I like this top coat so much is because it has holographic micro glitter in so you get the black and silver shards with a little pop to the clear base. I paired this up with Essie's Splash of Grenadine and I love it!

I really like this top coat, it made me feel like a bad a$$ and I got alot of complements on my nails and I was shocked on how many people didn't know what etsy was but than again just a couple of months ago I was clueless too until I found the light lol. Back to the polish as simple as this polish is its not, the holo pop is awesome to me and these shards are growing on me not only that I'm beating that this looks amazing paired with other colors, I can't wait to try them out. What do you think of the shard look?


  1. I've been unsure about the shard look but this combo is looking awesome! I might just have to get some shards! Sounds so dangerous!

  2. It looks lovely. Very pretty combination of sparkles. I don't get the name though...?

  3. ok this is a color I Should not let into my house!
    If I did, my niece would anyway take it :-S
    It's gorgeous!!!


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