Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween my princesses and gobblins

I love Halloween it gives me an opportunity to put on drag queen make up with out feeling like I'm over doing it. So today I have 2 Halloween Sally Hansen Salon Effects with Halloween themes.

First up is Spun for You and silver nail strip with black webs.

This was so cool and I don't even like spiders, they give me the creeps. I will seriously lock myself in another room till it is gone or someone takes care of it or if I have to take care of it I go wild women and yell and jump around my son thinks I'm crazy. They just give me the heeby geebies, but I like the web design minus the spiders.

Then we have one of my favorites, Numbskull. A white nail strip with black skulls and bones.

I just thought this design was so cute, who would have thought skulls and cross bones would be cute before skaterboi.

So what are you planning on doing for Halloween nails? For all those going trick or treating stay safe and don't get a tummy ache.

*These products were sent to me from a PR for a honest review, all opinions are mine and mine alone.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Essie's Stylenomics and Mash Rhinestones

I just love nail accents and shiny glittery things, so I'm very happy with the Mash rhinestones because they are shiny and clear and they helped me create a beautiful simple flower accent.

I used Essie's Stylenomics, a beautiful deep forest green. I just love this color, it has an enchanting feel about it. It also went on like a dream in one coat, formula was perfect. To add a little sparkle I added a daisy, yea I know a daisy during the fall?? But it's just so pretty and Mash's rhinestones are perfect, I just added a single yellow circle gem and added clear raindrop gems around it and I had my simple single shiny daisy in my charming dark forest(can we say Jessica has been drinking coffee).

What I love about this mani is nothing takes away from anything, I feel the rhinestones and polish complement each other beautifully. What do you think? Is Essie's Stylenomics your type of color? And what do you think of these Mash rhinestones? Would you give them a try?

*These MASH products were sent to me from a PR for a honest review, all opinions are mine and mine alone.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Cult Nails Captivated vs Icings Tiger Blood

 Today's post is mostly about Cult Nails Captivated since you can still get this beauty from the Cult Nails site. Captivated was apart of the "A Day at the Races" 2011 Collection which thankfully Maria brought this beauty back.

This is a coral jelly full of chunky gold and orange glitters, it reminds me of tropical fish scales.  

So today we have a battle of the polishes, in our left corner we have the beautiful Cult Nails with Captivated and in our right corner we have... holy moly Icings Tiger Blood and it looks just like Captivated, but does it?

So lets compare...

In the bottle Tiger Blood seems to be more pinker than Captivated.

Now on the nails...

On the pinky and middle finger we have Captivated and on the ring and pointy we have Tiger Blood both I used 2 thick coats. As you can see Tiger Blood is lighter with purple glitters unlinke Captivated where it's mainly gold and orange glitters.

Here are close ups of the 2, on the left we have Tiger Blood and on the right we have Captivated.

Now the differences are in your face, they are very similar yet the differences stick out so they are totally different polishes with their own charm. Which one do you like the most?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Going Dotty with Zoya

Okay dolls I'm back on the job! Lately things have been a bit hectic around here, my grandfather has been going through health issues and just had surgery(he's okay), at 25 I have the bummiest knee ever it feel like, oh and we're planning on moving to Las Vegas from Florida so I've been a bit overwhelmed. Luckily, I've found my peace when doing this mani....

I used Zoya's Song, Jo and Snow White and to create this mani I used Mash's dotting tools which I am in love with! Before I was using wooden painted dotter tools but my son would get a hold of them and easily break them or when cleaning them their paint would come off and get everywhere, it was a meltly mess. Mash's are made of plastic with a cool marble effect going on inside, my son hasn't been able to break them(yay) and they of course get the job done.

So back to the mani, I didn't really have a direction I was going I just needed to relax and putting dots on the nails helped. I really liked how this mani turned out.

Song is simply beautiful, I just can't get over it. It's such a beautiful glossy and shimmery blue I wondered how it would look matted.

It was an amazing effect!

 So what do you think of this dotty mani? Which one do you prefer glossy or matted?

Hair Hair Hair!!! Enjoy Hair Care

The ENJOY Line

ENJOY Professional Hair Care proudly offers a full range of sulfate-free and pH balanced and stable hair care and styling products.

ENJOY was the first on the market to opt out of using sulfates, which is the informal name for a group of cleansing ingredients called alkyl sulfates. They are typically used as an inexpensive detergent or degreaser in other personal care products and have been found to dry out the skin and hair and even cause irritation.

In addition to being sulfate-free, ENJOY knows that pH balanced and stable products are key for optimum hair color retention. Human hair resides in the pH 4.5-5.5 range, but most products on the market are pH 7 or greater. Besides leaving the hair feeling dry and brittle, the higher pH in these other products raises the cuticle and causes hair color to fade shampoo after shampoo.

To provide long-lasting color and complement hair’s natural pH balance, ENJOY works hard to make certain that their products stay within the pH 4.5-6.0 range. Extensive bake tests are also conducted on the line to guarantee pH stability, which ensure consistency in quality and product performance.

Available only in salons, and with a full color line and rapidly expanding hair care system, ENJOY is sure to have something for everyone.

Clarifying & Cleansing:

  • ENJOY Clarifying Spray - A one of a kind spray-in clarifying and chelating formula designed to remove mineral deposits, product build up, chlorine and other impurities in the hair. Great for hard water areas and medication build up. Color safe for all hair types. Available in a 10oz spray bottle that retails for $18.64 (USD).

  • ENJOY Sulfate Free Shampoo- Gently eliminates build up without stripping the hair color. Cleanse Sensor® Technology insures proper cleansing of the hair and scalp. Color safe for all hair types. Gives hair strength, smoothness, shine, frizz control and volume with incredible manageability. Available in gallons (for salon use), 10oz size retails for $19.74(USD), while the 33 oz size retails for $40.64(USD).

  • ENJOY Sulfate Free Luxury Shampoo – The ultimate in pampering. Gently cleanses, moisturizes and smoothes while relieving stressed out hair and scalp. Can also be used as a luxurious skin wash. Perfect to smooth and control heavy, coarse or curly hair. Available in 10oz size retailing for $24.14 (USD) and a 33 oz size retailing for $53.64 (USD).
This left my little curls light and fluffy and reminds me of coconuts. It did leave my hair a bit to fluffy for my liking but it wasn't a dry fluffy(if that makes sense).

  • ENJOY Sulfate Free Hydrating Shampoo - Creates unbelievably smooth and silky hair. Eliminates frizz, moisturizes and detangles with no product build up. Gentle cleansers combined with a pH 4.5-5.5 guarantees long lasting hair color. Perfect for dry, coarse, curly or chemically treated hair. Available in gallons (for salon use), a 10oz size retailing for $19.74(USD), and a 33 oz size for $40.64(USD) retail.

  • ENJOY Rejuvenating Volumizing Shampoo- Rejuvenates and revitalizes hair and scalp. Cleans hair and scalp thoroughly without the build up. Excellent with fine or thinning hair. Color safe for all hair types.10oz size retails for $19.74(USD) and the 33 oz size retails for $40.64(USD).


  • ENJOY Luxury Conditioner  - Smooth, moisturize and soften the hair while indulging yourself in an incredible soothing and luxurious experience. May also be used for moisturizing the skin or shaving. Available in 10oz size retailing for $27.44 (USD) and a 33 oz size retailing for $60.46 (USD).
I love conditioner I'm always using it and I'm happy I didn't have to use a crazy amount and like with the shampoo it reminds me of coconuts.
  • ENJOY Hydrating Conditioner – Gives your hair the moisture and conditioning it craves. Creates smoothness, softness and shine. Detangles and eliminates frizz. Color safe for all hair types. Designed to hydrate coarse, curly or overly dry hair. Available in gallons (for salon use), 10oz size retails for $20.84 (USD), while the 33 oz size retails for $43.94(USD).

  • ENJOY Rejuvenating Volumizing Conditioner- Special thickening ingredients and vitamins give hair a thicker, fuller feel. Stimulating botanical and oils provide increased circulation to help rejuvenate and revitalize the scalp, providing a healthier environment for thin or thinning hair.10oz size retails for $20.84 (USD), while the 33 oz size retails for $43.94(USD).

  • ENJOY Conditioning Spray – Leave it in or rinse it out. Detangles while providing protection and moisture without weighing the hair down. Excellent for frizz control with a low pH of 3.5-4.5. Closes the cuticle and locks in color.  Excellent for reactivating curls or product on dry hair and is recommended for all hair types. 10oz size retails for $20.84(USD).

  • ENJOY Leave-in Conditioner - Protects and detangles hair while providing extra moisture. It strengthens, thickens and moisturizes hair, adding elasticity. This color safe formula can be left in or rinsed out and leaves hair feeling soft, manageable and frizz free with a fresh scent. The 10.1fl oz /300 ml size retails for $21.94 (USD).

  • ENJOY Instant Reconstructor – Must be applied to clean hair. Instantly gives hair new life and vitality. Low molecular weight keratin amino acids (90-150mw) penetrate and repair weak, overly processed hair. Eliminates frizz and prolongs hair color without weighting hair down. Excellent before and after all chemical treatments. Available in gallons (for salon use), 10oz size retails for $20.84(USD) and a 33 oz size for $43.94(USD) retail.

  • ENJOY Hair Mask – Intensive smoothing mask for enriching dry and unruly hair.  Leaves hair soft, silky and easy to manage. For an intense treatment, cover hair with a plastic bag and apply heat for 20 minutes. The 8oz tube is available for $27.44 (USD) retail and the 33 oz size is $83.54 (USD) retail.

  • ENJOY Intensive Reconstructing Spray (IRS) – An amino acid reconstructing booster to be used with ENJOY Instant Reconstructor or ENJOY Hair Mask making them a minimum of 10x stronger. Use once a week as directed to recondition distressed, weak, or over processed hair. Bonds color, prevents further damage and enhances chemical services. May be added to professional hair color, bleach or chemical straighteners to preserve the integrity of hair during the chemical process. Available in a 10oz spray for $27.44 (USD) retail.

  • ENJOY Stimulator - This daily leave-in scalp treatment features topical ingredients that help deliver important nutrients, which are vital to improving the appearance of fine and thinning hair. It helps prevent further hair loss and improves the quality and thickness of existing hair. Available in a 7 fl oz size for $ 43.96 (USD) retail.

·         ENJOY Hair and Skin Treatment Oil - Eliminates frizz, locks in moisture and blocks out humidity without any product build up. It’s great for use with thermal tools such as flat irons, blow dryers and curling irons. Perfect for all hair types, it smoothes, conditions and seals hair, leaving an amazing shine. 3.4 oz. or 100ml bottle retails for $32.94 (USD).

·                  ENJOY Intensive Hair and Skin Treatment Oil -An intense treatment formula that is incredibly non-greasy, lightweight and alcohol free. It instantly penetrates and absorbs into hair and skin dramatically reducing drying time. Perfect for thick or coarse strands, it smoothes, conditions and seals hair, leaving an amazing shine.  It also eliminates frizz, locks in moisture and blocks out humidity. The 3.4 oz or 100ml bottle retails for $43.96 (USD).


·         ENJOY Spray Gel - Create lift, volume, texture, separation, and shine with flexible hold. It provides excellent curl definition and volume without product build up. The non-sticky formula is ideal with thermal styling tools and provides long lasting frizz control. 10.1oz / 300ml bottle retails for $21.94 (USD).

  • ENJOY Styling Gel – Ideal for creating lightweight, flake-free and long lasting styles with amazing shine and flexibility. Resists humidity and builds incredible volume without that heavy product feel. Excellent for styling, setting, blow drying, adding volume and spiking. Available in a 10oz tube for $21.94(USD) retail.

  • ENJOY Strong-Holding Gel – Show your hair who is boss. Take control and create spikes, smoothness or texture. Excellent for creating volume while blow-drying. For incredible volume, apply to root area of damp hair and blow dry. To create a more flexible hold, mix with ENJOY Texture Cream or ENJOY Straightener.  An 8.5oz tube retails for $17.59 (USD).

  • ENJOY Shaping Lotion – Soft control and styling to create touchable, defined curls texture and shine. Perfect for flexible, voluptuous body and volume. Use with a blow dryer and brush for soft volume. Also great as a grooming lotion for short styles. A 10oz size is available for $23.04 (USD) retail.
 I loved this shaping Lotion it didn't leave my hair tacky or heavy and it made my baby curls stay curly without that gel crisp and without drying out my hair.
  • ENJOY Thermal Spray – Firm, flexible, bushable hold for all hair types. Non-sticky, heat activated thermal protection hair spray, which is great for use with thermal styling tools. Excellent for defining curl and creating volume.  A 10oz spray bottle retails for $18.64 (USD).

  • ENJOY Texture Cream – Give hair texture, separation and volume without weighing it down. Great for spiking and flips as well as defining and enhancing curls. Easy to use on all hair types. Contains no wax or oil and rinses out thoroughly. For a softer feel, mix with ENJOY Shine & Smooth.  Available in a handy 8.5 oz. tube retailing for $18.64 (USD).

  • ENJOY Texture Spray – A multi-dimensional wax based texturizer used to create definition, separation, texture, volume and flexibility. Can also be used with a blow dryer on dry hair to create more intense separation and texture. May be used with a flat iron for smoothing the hair. Available in a 4oz spray bottle for $18.64 (USD) retail.

  • ENJOY Shine & Smooth – Eliminates frizziness. Makes hair soft and silky without weighing it down. Adds incredible shine and smoothness to any style or hair type. Great for both hair and skin. It locks in moisture while blocking out humidity. A 4 oz size retails for $19.74 (USD).

  • ENJOY Straightener – Perfect for controlling coarse or curly hair leaving the hair feeling soft and smooth. Works on even the most difficult hair without build up. The 10oz bottle retails for $21.94 (USD).

  • ENJOY Volumizing Mousse – Create volume, smoothness, shine and root lift. Define curl and texture without flaking or build up. Available in a 7oz size for $19.74 (USD) retail.


  • ENJOY Creamy Pomade – A non-greasy, soft texture and flexible hold pomade. Allows piecing and finger styling. Great for smoothing or adding texture or control. Available in a 4.4oz size for $21.94 (USD) retail.

  • ENJOY Dry Wax – A unique non-greasy, pliable, workable and moveable wax without the build up. A 4oz jar retails for $24.14 (USD).

  • ENJOY Molding Paste - Mold, maneuver and manipulate hair into place using this non-greasy formula. It’s great for smoothing, soft spiking, or adding texture and control to all hair types. It leaves hair with a medium, flexible hold with lots of incredible shine. The 3.35oz or 100g jar retails for $24.14 (USD).

  • ENJOY Shine Spray – This alcohol free formula eliminates frizz, adds incredible shine, smoothness and softness. Locks in moisture while blocking out humidity. Spray directly on dry hair for incredible shine.  The 4oz sprayer retails for $20.84 (USD).

  • ENJOY Hair Spray – A quick drying spray with a firm, flexible hold. Wonderful for both styling and setting. Gives hair volume, shine and control. Perfect for up-dos. Available in a 10.1oz aerosol spray for $18.64 (USD) retail.

  • ENJOY Super Hold Hair Spray – A quick drying hair spray with a firm, flexible hold. Perfect for both styling and setting. Gives hair volume, shine and control. The more hair spray that is applied, the greater the hold will be.  The 10 oz aerosol spray retails for $18.64(USD).

ENJOY is a registered trademark of Ultimate Salon Professionals, Inc (USP, Inc) of Oceanside, California. ENJOY professional color and hair care products are available exclusively in finer salons and spas. For more information on ENJOY, please visit

Surprise Enjoy wants to give one of you dolls some hair care goodies!!!

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Miss Professional Nail Holiday Press Release

Happy “Holiday Golightly” from Miss

Holidays are a time for all things fabulous: parties, presents, and polish! Miss Professional Nail
(Miss) is ringing in the season with “Holiday Golightly,” a shimmering new collection of nail
lacquers. These six sparklers are a great idea for fun stocking stuffers and to accessorize your
New Year’s Eve look!

Miss’ Creative Director Staci Dao wanted to celebrate the joy of gift-giving (and receiving!) by
reminding us to pamper ourselves and our loved ones this season. Silver screen icon Audrey
Hepburn captured our hearts playing free-spirited fashionista Holly Golightly, whose love of
shiny gems helped inspire Miss in creating this wish list of winter stunners.

From the timeless, Tiffany-inspired blue to unique reds and greens, these luxe shades will light
up your holiday season: “Under the Miss-letoe,” a pearlescent pine green; “Feliz Navi-doll,” an
icy crystalline grayish-white; “I Love Yule,” a velvety poinsettia red; “Let’s Mingle & Jingle,” a
silver-spangled sapphire blue; “Holiday Golightly,” a glistening Robin’s egg blue, and “Stop
Scrooging Around,” a gold-sparkled ruby wine. ‘Tis the season to channel our inner Holly
Golightly and embrace the Miss mantra that “It’s the little pleasures that count…”
If you don’t the find the Holiday Collection under your tree, it will also be available online and
in beauty supplies in late October.

All Miss products are free of DBP, toluene and formaldehyde.
Miss is an MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) certified company.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nicole by OPI Holiday Press Release

Deck the Halls…Kardashian Style

Nicole by OPI Introduces Six NEW Kardashian Kolor Holiday Glitter and Shimmer Lacquers  

Nicole by OPI announces new, limited edition Kardashian Kolor Holiday lacquers for the holiday season! Featuring six shades infused with dazzling glitters and rich shimmer, these lacquers are the essential accessory for festive fingers and toes. From rich red, deep purple and brilliant teal to shimmery gold, sparkly sliver, and multi-toned blue glitter, these spectacular shades make the perfect gift or stocking stuffer. 
“Whether celebrating the holidays traditionally at home with the entire family or jet-setting the season away, the Kardashians spread cheer with glitz and glamour, starting with their nails!” declares Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, Nicole by OPI Executive VP & Artistic Director. “The six captivating Kardashian Kolor Holiday shades offer the perfect way to add lots of color to this joyous time of year. Wear vibrant red, purple and teal for a jewel-toned look, or glittery gold, silver, and blue glitter for a classic holiday sparkle – both important trends for the season.”
The new Kardashian Kolor Holiday nail lacquers from Nicole by OPI include:
Kardashing Through the Snow
Jingle all the way in this multi-hued glitter.

Here We Kome A-Karoling
This deep, grape purple will make your heart sing.

All is Glam, All is Bright
This rosy silver sparkle goes with everything.

Keeping Up with Santa
Deep. Rich. Red. Must be Santa.

A Gold Winter’s Night
Baby, it’s warm inside….especially in this blue-flecked gold shimmer.

Deck the Dolls
Accessorize teal you drop!

Limited edition Kardashian Kolor Holiday shades will be available November 2012 for $7.99 each in the U.S. at select Target, KMart, ULTA, CVS, Meijer, Sears, Kroger, H-E-B, Duane Reade, Fred Meyer, Giant Eagle, Harmon, and Winn-Dixie locations.  In Canada, these lacquers will be retailed for $10.99 each in Shoppers Drug Mart, Loblaw, and Jean Coutu.
For more information, visit Follow Nicole by OPI on Twitter @NicoleByOPI and become a Facebook fan!

About Nicole by OPI:
Nicole by OPI offers a salon-quality range of bold, fashion-forward nail lacquers. The brand’s heritage is based in OPI’s well-established foundation of excellence in both color and technology, providing premium products to a broad range of consumers looking for trendsetting nail lacquers.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Butter London: La Moss

One of this season's hottest colors, Ox blood red, straight off the runway. And today I have it in Butter London La Moss.

La Moss is beautiful, I can't come up with a better way to say it. It's a perfect fall color that is perfect for cool weather. Who would have thought a color called Ox blood could be Wow?!

Now La Moss's formula is a mix between creme and I want to say a jelly but not quite. The first coat is thin to were it looks like a brightish somewhat streaky red, so use a thin first coat or else it's just gonna be a streaky mess. I'd also give dry time in between coats to reduce any likely hood of streaks(I had none) but it also has to deal with how thick/thin your coats are.
One coat
It reminds me of what my fingers look like after eating a bunch of blackberries. But when applying a second coat it's bottle color and simply stunning.

2 coats

I love the glossy finish, I didn't even have to apply a top coat for this beautiful finish, after the photos I did apply a top coat so this beautiful mani would last. At the end of the day I am really liking La Moss, Butter London did a good job with the color Ox blood and this is a shade that most can pull off, a neutral shade. So what are your takes of this run way color?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Barielle Facebook Sweepstakes

Barielle is hosting a Facebook Sweepstakes starting at 3pm today. 
Ten random winners will be selected for a prize package worth over $100.00. 

The prize package includes:
Any two of our 5 pack Nail Polish collections
One piece of Barielle’s Nail Strengthener Cream (full size)
One piece of Nail Rebuilding Protein Base Coat
One piece of Ultra Speed Dry Manicure Extender Top Coat 
So hit up Barielle's facebook page for details!!! And good luck dolls.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

DR. Remedy Puts Pink in the Spotlight Press Release

Get Gorgeous Tips and Give Back During BCA 2012 
Pink is the go-to hue this fall as beauty brands tap into every gradation of the standout shade in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Dr.'s REMEDY® leads the way in the fight for the cause by teaming up with Living Beyond Breast Cancer, whose mission is to empower all women affected by breast cancer to live as long as possible with the best quality of life. 

The good-for-you ingredients and lack of toxins in Dr.'s REMEDY® Enriched Nail Polish offers a safer, healthier option for nail care, giving you peace of mind.  And, during the month of October,
Dr.'s REMEDY® is tickled pink to donate 10% of the proceeds from the sales of three pink shades to Living Beyond Breast Cancer, an organization who ensures that women who are newly diagnosed, in treatment, beyond treatment, at high risk or living with metastatic disease are well cared for by providing educational resources and support services relevant to their age at and stage of diagnosis.

Made with organic ingredients, vitamins, wheat protein, tea tree oil, lavender, and garlic bulb extract, Dr.'s REMEDY® 100% Paraben free, vegan nail polish is the #1 podiatrist recommended brand.  So, polish your nails with pride and show your support in the hopes for a better battle with breast cancer with Dr.'s REMEDY® Enriched Nail Polish, the healthier nail polish choice, in three inspiring shades:

HOPEFUL Hot Pink: A Hello Kitty-meets bubble gum shade
NURTURE Nude Pink: A damsel-in-distress, barely there beautiful
PURITY Pink: A ballet slipper, sheer hue 

Dr.'s REMEDY® Enriched Nail Polish is available for $17 online at or by calling 1-877-323-NAIL.
About Dr.'s REMEDY®
Dr.'s REMEDY® is a line of doctor-inspired cosmetics that is dedicated to using clean, hypo-allergenic ingredients. The brainchild of two New York-based podiatrists, Dr. Adam Cirlincione and Dr. William Spielfogel, Dr.'s REMEDY® proves quintessentially-perfect for any person looking to better the condition of her skin and nails. Their Enriched Nail Polish is the first-ever nail polish on the market created by doctors and approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association.  Made with organic ingredients, vitamins, wheat protein, tea tree oil, lavender, and garlic bulb extract, Dr.'s REMEDY® vegan nail polish is the #1 podiatrist recommended brand.  Dr.'s REMEDY® is sold online at or by calling 1-877-323-NAIL.

About Living Beyond Breast Cancer
For twenty years, Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC) has been empowering women to live as long as possible with the best quality of life regardless of educational background, social support or financial means. Founded in 1991, LBBC has been committed to providing national educational programs and services that include a website,; a toll-free Survivors' Helpline, (888) 753-LBBC (5222); national conferences; free teleconferences; networking programs; quarterly newsletters; publications for medically underserved women; healthcare-provider trainings; recordings and the Paula A. Seidman Library and Resource Center
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