Monday, October 29, 2012

Cult Nails Captivated vs Icings Tiger Blood

 Today's post is mostly about Cult Nails Captivated since you can still get this beauty from the Cult Nails site. Captivated was apart of the "A Day at the Races" 2011 Collection which thankfully Maria brought this beauty back.

This is a coral jelly full of chunky gold and orange glitters, it reminds me of tropical fish scales.  

So today we have a battle of the polishes, in our left corner we have the beautiful Cult Nails with Captivated and in our right corner we have... holy moly Icings Tiger Blood and it looks just like Captivated, but does it?

So lets compare...

In the bottle Tiger Blood seems to be more pinker than Captivated.

Now on the nails...

On the pinky and middle finger we have Captivated and on the ring and pointy we have Tiger Blood both I used 2 thick coats. As you can see Tiger Blood is lighter with purple glitters unlinke Captivated where it's mainly gold and orange glitters.

Here are close ups of the 2, on the left we have Tiger Blood and on the right we have Captivated.

Now the differences are in your face, they are very similar yet the differences stick out so they are totally different polishes with their own charm. Which one do you like the most?


  1. They are really VERY similar, but I do see the differences you're talking about! I wouldn't see the need to own both though - thanks for the comparison! Saving me money :}

  2. I like tiger's blood best, it's slightly pinker, which I prefer.


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