Wednesday, November 28, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge

Have you dolls ever gone through a phase where you just seem to not be able to finish anything? I'm trying so hard to break one, I can never seem to finish picture challenges or nail art challenges so here's to breaking the cycle and starting my New Year's Resolution early. I will finish this challenge and will love every minute of it because it has to do with my favorite time of year. 12 Day's of Christmas Nail Art Challenge.

So for day 1 Red and Green Only.... So I used A England's Saint George and China Glaze's Cranberry Splash along with one of my new favorite top coats form Vapour for a elves stockings/sock type of look.

I wanted to use tape but for some "strange" reason I couldn't find it. I think I have elves in my house or else a little boy who loves hiding my stuff. In the end I really like these colors together, makes me so much more ready for Christmas. How about you? Make sure to check out the Red and Green Only designs for these awesome ladies!


  1. Gorgeous! I love how unique this is! :)

  2. Agh I wish I'd known about this challenge, I did snowflakes today! Might join in with one or two, love your mani x

  3. good luck on the challenge! this is very pretty!

  4. This challenge looks like lots of fun. I wish I would've joined in from the start!

  5. Love everything about this mani!


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