Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Challenge: Bunnies

So for todays challenge it's all about the bunnies and when I think of bunnies I think of Little Bunny Foo Foo and Peter Rabbit. So here is what I came up with for my bunnies...

I tried to do somewhat realistic bunnies in the grass but my one bunny looks like a dog my husband said but I still kinda like him(the bunny and my husband). I used Zoya polishes again for this mani, I used Gemma, Purity, Logan, Meadow, and Raven.

So what do you think of my bunnies? Do you think the tall one looks like a dog? Make sure to check out the other cute bunnies from these fabulous ladies!!


  1. Aww the bunny is adorable! And the little bunny butts poking out haha

  2. Cute mani. I like it. And no, the one bunny does not look like a dog, I see a bunny. I love the green polish you used for the base!


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