Thursday, November 21, 2013

Perlier's Imperial Honey Body Butter

Press Sample

If you love the sweet smell of honey I have something that you will absolutely love!

Perlier's new Imperial Honey Body Butter, an amazing body butter that is formulated with the honey of African black bees and royal jelly. This body butter is seriously sweet in smell so if your not a fan of honey this product may not be for you because it smell like pure honey. It's so creamy and smooth that it left a moisturized feeling.

Some body butters I'd have a problem with it becoming chunky or too thick where it wouldn't absorb into the skin and it would often leave an oily feeling or sticky/gunky feeling, but with this honey body butter it left my skin feeling how a body butter should leave it feeling, like butter of course.

 So to prove how well this product is I have swallowed my pride and am showing you my ashy elbows. I won't lie if I don't apply lotion or cream to my elbows or body after a shower my skin cries bloody murder because I have hard water and my husband's skin doesn't react well to water softeners, go figure. So here's a lovely before picture of my ashy elbow and an after picture using the body butter.

What is sad is there is no trick in lighting that is my before elbow but I'm happy to say I really like the after butter elbow it's hard to believe that's what I really look like under all that ash.

So what do you think about Perlier's Honey Body Butter? You can find it on HSN here is a direct link...

And for my reader's I'm sharing a $5.00 off your Perlier purchase on when you use the code: iFabbo5. expires 12/31/2013

To learn more about Perlier you can find them on:

#PerlierOnHSN @PerlierUSA

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