Friday, November 22, 2013


Brand Write up

How can I say this brand excites me without getting all totally girl thinking about boy band crazy?! I first came across airbrushing when I was in beauty school and I can't lie when I first heard of air brushing make up my first thought was someone trusts me to spray paint their face? They are going to look like an Avatar. Needless to say I rocked it out and it's nothing like a can of spray paint. Airbrushing makes skin looking flawless easy and the feeling is truly amazing. Plus no overload of brushes to clean or touching of ones face.

I first set my eyes on this brand when I was at a hair show in Orlando this year and the things I saw them do with this machine was amazing! The fact that they can create a soft and elegant bridal look to movie star vixen or the one that blew me away was how simple they made contouring. And the fact when I got to try it out I was able to use it easily blew me away.

Temptu Signature Starter Kit

Temptu has to be one of the best and user friendliest systems I've come across. I've dealt with others that you have to spend time mixing and holding a certain way so they don't spill and Temptu takes all the hard work out for everyday beauties with their simple system. Temptu takes all the guessing games out with their innovative AIRpod makeup, all you have to do is pick your color snap and go. So just imagine snapping in a foundation and being able to effortless apply an even, light feeling foundation with a light spray and press of a button.... DONE.

Currently, Temptu has 6 amazing systems to chose from and that's including their new Patricia Fields Signature Kit(which is like the Signature Starter kit but has 2 amazing designs to chose from) are $199.
Material Girl

Lips on Fire

Their other prices range from $149 for their Flawless Complexion Kit which is great for starters to dip their toes in to $310 for their Bridal Beauty Kit which is jammed packed to get everything needed for your bridal needs. They also have finishing powders, primer, concealers and for all my pale beauties say hello to spray tanning!!

A Temptu system is one of my Top 10 beauty must haves for this holiday season, it's perfect for that daughter who loves make-up, or that girlfriend who you wonder whats taking her so long, or your wife that you wonder why you haven't lost her under all those different foundations, and even you my beautiful elf it would be a perfect gift to pamper yourself with who says you have to just shop for everyone else?

So what do you think about airbrushing and this system?

To learn more about Temptu and their amazing offers I recommend checking them out on facebook, twitter and check out their site for amazing deals.

*All opinions my own, I'm not receiving payment or compensation for this post.
** All images are from Temptu. 


  1. Yesss!! Love love love!!! Definitely would love this for christmas! Please write a review! :)

  2. Yesss!! Love love love!!! Definitely would love this for christmas! Please write a review! :)


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