Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Favorite Things: BBCFL Round up

Press Samples/Purchased  By Me

Hi Darlings, it's that time again! You know the time, the time where I get to hook up with some amazing darlings from the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida! This month we are gathering our favorite things this month. Finding my favorite things is always hard because I tend to love everything so today I only have 7 things to share with you... yes it took me forever to narrow it down. So here are my favorite things this month...
1. Tarte's Away Oui Go Portable Palette & Collector's Set. This Ulta Exclusive Set is amazing with it's 16 eyeshadows, 4 blushes, 3 lipglosses, a mascara and a compact. it makes everything simple and right ready to go. Check out my review here.
2. 500 Eye-makeup Designs by Kendra Stranton. This book is fabulous, it's full of 500 yes! 500 eye make-up designs. This is the perfect coffee table book, perfect gift for anyone who loves makeup, or just the perfect book for amazing eye-makeup designs. It's jammed pack with looks for every occasion so if you need a little inspiration this is the book.
3. Milani's Color Statement Nail Lacquer in Pink Beige. I have a hard time taking this polish off my nails, I just don't want to. It's a perfect fall color.
4. Wet n Wild's LE Fall Megalast lipsticks. I love these colors and the fact they are matte, bring on the fall! If you want to know more check out my review here.
5. Gerard Cosmetics Lip gloss in Coco Bean and Butter Cream. These are my new obsession, I love the formula and the pigmentation of these glosses, so if you haven't tried them out you really have to.
6. Milani's Color Statement  Nail Lacquer in Enchanted Garnet. Here's another Milani polish I can't get over, see I told you it's hard for me to love a little, I just want to love them all. This color is just gorgeous and it looks amazing on the toes! For more details checkout my review here.
7. Freeman Beauty face masks. I seriously love these, not only because they are affordable, they give this mommy of 2 that pick me up my skin needs. I tend to by these in bulk when I go to Walmart, you never know when your going to need that pick me up.

So these are my favorite things for this month and trust me the list could be longer, but these are my ultimate favorite things. Are any of these your favorite too? Let me know.

Also make sure to check out these amazing ladies favorite things too!!
Tarte's Away Oui Go Portable Palette and Collector's Set - See more at: http://www.nailpolishanonymous.com/2014/09/tartes-away-oui-go-portable-palette-and.html#sthash.q3G9cQGV.dpuf

*some of these sent for review and some were purchased by me. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Tarte's Away Oui Go Portable Palette and Collector's Set Review

Press Samples

Hello Dolls, with it finally being fall you know what time it is! Holiday Collection time! Today I have Tarte's Away Oui Go Portable Palette and Collector's Set.
Tarte's Away Oui Go Portable Palette and Collector's Set has some beautiful packaging, it comes in this beautiful box.
And what lays inside the box is just as amazing!
Inside this box you will find a mint colored pearl decorated portable compact, 3 deluxe Maracuja Lip Glosses in Paris, Cannes, and Nice and a Deluxe Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara.
The glosses are deluxe sample size, perfect to just throw in your purse and go.

I'm in love with most of Tarte's glosses and these are very pigmented.
The compact is so cute and convient, I love the fact I can pick one of the shadow palettes and just pop it in and go and it stays safe.
Now onto the Deluxe Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara.

This mascara does wonders...

And if that's not enough you have 16 full size, French-inspired Amazonian Clay Eye Shadows and 4 full size Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blushes.
Let's get into each palette.
The beautiful eyeshadow in this palette are Private Chateau, Cafe for Creme Brulee, Tea for Two, Marvel at the Mona Lisa and the beautiful blush is Irresistible(l-r).
These shadows are the matte-st combo of the bunch with Tea for Two being satin. These would make for a perfect subtle eye.

Next palette we have...
In this palette we have Macarons for you, Champagne & Chocolat, Kisses under the Arc, Art in Montmartre and the blush is Envisioned.
These shadows are the shimmery shadows of the bunch. Kisses under the Arc is a gorgeous rose gold type champagne color!

Up next...
We have Champs-Elysees shopping, Stargazing on the Seine, Eiffel Tower engagement, Secret soiree and the blush is Limitless.
This combo is perfect for a date night!
Now we've come to the last palette...
In this palette we have Snow angels in the parc, Navigating the Metro, Midnight Stroll, Liason at the Louvre and the blush we have Intrigue.
If you didn't notice each eyeshadow's name in each palette seemed to set the tone of the palette. These colors make some stunning eyes and the blushes.... I am head over heels in love with these blushes! Now I know why they are always gone when I go to Ulta. What makes these even cuter is on the back you also have the names of each shadow, so if your like me you wont be searching ever where for that clear sheet of plastic.

Now back to the compact, one of the reasons I love these shadows even more is the compact. You simply pull the tab on the side of each palette up and just pop in the compact and go, simple as that.
 Here's the look I did... I also added some falsies to add a bit of pop.

This brilliant box is a holiday Ulta exclusive. It retails for $48.00 so grab it while you can. It'll make an amazing gift for someone who love makeup or a little something fabulous for yourself.

So what are your thoughts on  Tarte's Away Oui Go Portable Palette and Collector's Set? Any other holiday must haves that you must have? Let me know.

*This was sent to me for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Milani's Color Statement: Enchanted Garnet

Press Sample

Hello Dolls, today I have a quick review for you of a Milani's Color Statement polish in Enchanted Garnet. Enchanted Garnet is one of the 3 colors in the Bedazzled Color Statement Collection for fall 2014, the other 2 are Enchanted Emerald and Emerald Green.

Without further adio I give you Enchanted Garnet.
Enchanted Garnet is a gorgeous fall color with it's deep garnet and beautiful shimmer.
 Now like the other Color Statement colors the formula was PERFECT. I used 2 coats and didn't even have to use a top coat. What I loved about this is it stamped great also(that's for another day), another perk with these color statement polishes. So what do you think of this color? Have you seen them in stores yet? Let me know?

These retail for $3.99 and can be found at your local drug stores, also on their site.

*These were set for review, all opinions and thoughts are my own.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Wet N Wild's LE Fall 2014 Megalast Lipstick Review

Hello Darlings!! It's been a while huh? Yea, my cable company hates me, who would have know not having wifi, cable, and phone could drive a mother of 2 crazy. So in all that time I have been busy playing with new things and stocking up on makeup and painting my house. But let's get into the good stuff shall we? This weekend I went crazy searching for these Wet & Wild LE Fall 2014 Megalast Lipsticks. This was like searching for a needle in a hay stack, I finally found them after the 4th Walgreens I went to and it was totally worth the search.

This collection consists of 4 Limited Edition matte fall shades. From Left to Right we have Sweet Cream, Urban Nights, Sunset Siren and Bordeaux Boulevard.
So let's go through each on starting first with Sweet Cream.
Sweet Cream is a pinkish nude. I'm not one for pinkish nudes, but I actually like this one, it's not too pink where it looks like bubble gum. It's more like a tannish pink.
Next is Urban Nights.
Urban Nights is a deep wine. You honestly can't go wrong with wine. Urban Nights is a perfect color for fall.
Now we have Sunset Siren.
Sunset Siren is a bright red. Can you really go wrong with a red?

Last, but not least we have Bordeaux Boulevard.
 Bordeaux Boulevard is a grape purple. At first I didn't know about this color
These affordable lipsticks are amazing. They aren't as matte as say Nyx soft matte lip creams but they aren't as shiny or glossy as most of the Megalast lipsticks. The colors are truly fitting for fall and I'm excited it's finally fall, now if Florida had seasons besides for hot and humid and just plain hot.

These retail for $1.99 and make sure keep an eye on those sales! With these being super affordable what's not to love.

These are sold at Walgreens and where ever Wet and Wild is sold.

So what do you think about this Limited Edition Wet and Wild Megalast lipsticks? Have you tried Megalast lipsticks before? Let me know.

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