Thursday, February 12, 2015

Getting Ready with Me featuring Black Up Cosmetics

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Hello Dolls The Beauty Council is coming to you with another great collaboration. Today's collaboration is featuring Black Up Cosmetics. So today I want you to get ready with me.

So first things first if you are a women of color you need to look into Black Up Cosmetics and if you're not a women of color they still have something for you.

Founded in 1999 by an African makeup artist, black|Up Cosmetics is the first dedicated upscale beauty brand to magnify black and mixed beauties. black|Up develops a true expertise answering darker complexion’s specific needs and offers products that pair professional quality and pleasure of use: velvety effects, mat or powdery finishes, perfect coverage, ultra vibrant colors, 100% non-ashy finish... Thanks to its unique offer, black|Up has become a key player in the makeup world that seduces black and mixed women as much as all the makeup addicts of the planet.

This brand for me has to be sent from above because I'm mixed with Black and Asian so that has left me with a Yellow undertone and unforchantanly a lot of mainstream companies don't cater to darker complexions and some are now realizing that we have undertones. It's sad to believe that I am what some brands carry in their darkest shade and then sometimes even I am too dark so when I heard of Black up Cosmetics I was really intrigued and curious to see if they could give me what I needed to give me back my confidence. So let's get ready...
So this is my face, I know it's bad, I've had ache what has felt like my whole life all 27 years but luckily it's slowly going away and it's left me with dry skin and scars so I try my best to find products that not only cover to help my skin. So first things first I washed moisturized and primed my face( we don't want any oils, dirt, and dry skin stuck under our makeup no no no and we want to make sure our makeup isn't going anywhere). Next, I grabbed Black Up's CC Cream in CC 03 and their Full Coverage Cream Foundation in HC07.
 This stuff is amazing. I applied it with my stippling brush and not only did I get amazing full coverage but it didn't feel cakey or like I had anything on, it's so light yet heavy duty which as you can tell by the cheesy smile blew me alway.

Being one tone is scary I know so to fix that I tried my hand at contouring my face with Black Up's Contouring Stick in N 02.
This 2 headed stick is so creamy and so easily blend-able that I was able to use it with no problem.

Now if there is one thing I've managed to learn about contouring is that everyone's face is different so everyone's highlight and contour is not going to be in the same place. So it's about finding what you want to highlight and what you want to add depth to.
For me it's all about the nose and the cheeks. So I added some of Black Up's Poudre Sublime in 02. A gorgeous bronzer that is simply drool worthy.
It is so fine and so pigmented that it added that perfect glow.
Now for the eyes, for my eye's I used Black Up's eyeshadow palette in PAL03, which comes with 5 gorgeous colors.
In this palette it comes with 2 metallic shadows, a sparkly, and 2 mattes to easily go from day eyes to night.
So for the eye's I chose to do a simple semi- smokey look.
1. I used the 2 matte shades, the lightest as my all over base and the darkest in the outer corner and crease of my eye to create depth.
2. I added the metallic green all over my lid.
3. Then I used the metallic brown in my whole crease and lightly blended them all together.
4. Finally I added the sparkly light green to the middle of my lid and to the bottom of my inner lids to add a bit of sparkly fun.

Simple as that and you have a simple yet colorful semi-smokey eye.

Now for the lips, since I did a semi- smokey eye I wanted something a bit vampy so I chose to use Black Up's Lipstick in RGE31 a matte red.
 This is a gorgeous deep red matte lipstick that has found it's way into my weekly routine.

So are you ready for the final look?

Yep from drab to fab in 6 simple steps!

I must say I am simple blown away by Black Up Cosmetics. It was always been a struggle to find products that match my complexion without having to mix a bunch of colors and not only that but let me shine right along with it without making me look dry, cakey and/ completely self conscience about less than perfect skin.  For the first time in a long time I can say I feel beautiful on the outside too. Thanks you Black Up Cosmetics.

If you are a women of color I highly recommend trying Black Up Cosmetics face products 100% and if you aren't a women of color I highly recommend trying Black Up Cosmetics other products like their lipsticks and eye shadows! There is a little something for everyone, Black Up Cosmetics also offers skincare products that if they are anything like their makeup products I'm sure they hit it out of the park.

For more information on Black Up Cosmetics be sure to check out their site and Facebook page.

Black Up is offering 20% off of there products from 2/12 until 2/28 to our amazing readers when you use the code LOVE15

Also make sure to follow the hashtag #thebeautycouncil and #blackUpCosmetics

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*These products were sent for review. All thoughts and opinions are all my own.


  1. Girl, you look amazing! I love the coverage of that foundation, it looks so natural and not caked on.

  2. I looove this look on you. I am loving that lipstick shade it looks so gorgeous. And your makeup looks flawless and NOT cakey at all. Gorgeous!!

  3. I like the coverage of that foundation on you. I love the final look!

  4. Wow! You look amazing! As someone who rarely ever wears makeup (though I used to), I am constantly amazed by the transformations I see with just a few products. Rock that look!!

  5. The lipstick is pretty! The foundation covered pretty well, too! Don't you just love the sublime powder?

  6. This does have great coverage and I totally love these colors on you! Thanks for the code!!

  7. I love your look ! & The products have so much coverage :D

  8. Allison @neversaydiebeautyFebruary 12, 2015 at 10:26 PM

    You look gorgeous! The green eye look and red lip is fabulous. I'm in awe of that foundation and/or CC cream. Which product did you use or did you use both? I'm wondering if they have something for my pasty fair/light skin that would cover my dark spots, and I'd like to get which ever one provided the full coverage. tyvm

  9. The yellow undertone struggle is real! lol Now can we talk about how thick and pretty your hair is? uh huh

  10. I think my jaw was on the ground the entire time I was reading look beautiful to begin with, but wow! What an incredible transformation that creates! It looks great on you and it makes me happy that this product works so well for you :)

  11. FABULOUS look girly. I love how well the foundation covered!

  12. That red lipstick suits you perfectly! You look stunning!

  13. WOW!!!!!!!! The products look absolutely amazing, but it's what you did with them that is just stunning! Your FOTD is GORGEOUS!

  14. What an amazing result from these products! I now have bad it feels to have acne scars and spots - I'm struggling with them myself. However your products really work for you!

  15. Living for the coverage and colors, I am such a fan now :)

  16. Your skin looks like perfection! Love the shadows too.

  17. That lip color is amazing on you! And the shadow as well!

  18. Victoria - manicuratorFebruary 14, 2015 at 2:44 PM

    Incredibly flattering products for you, you look amazing!

  19. That metallic green is great on you!

  20. LOVE the look you created. The red lippie looks fab on you. And I love your hair!

  21. oooh such a pretty look!


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