Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Feel Good Polish

I love when companies give back and it always touches me even more when a smaller company gives back because they have less to give. I am honored to be able to review Tuilleries from Lex Cosmetics. Lex Cosmetics is about what makes you feel good and beautiful. Each polish has it's own story and own charity it donates to, so onto the polish...

First, tulips are one of the first signs that spring is really, truly, finally here! Second, they always remind me of my mother..... I would love to have a color that can represent her in every way: in beauty, in color, in her favorite things, and in her uniqueness. My color would be light pinkish-red with glass-like flecks of silver, red, pink, and orange within it to showcase the depth of both tulips and my mother.
$1 will be donated to lung cancer research. 
This is such a beautiful polish and the story just adds to it's beauty. This polish is on the sheer side but even with one sheer coat it's pretty, so depending on how much coverage you want is how many coats you use. I used 3 for my pictures.

  • I love this polish it's light and pretty and it makes you feel that you did good. This polish just makes me think of spring/Easter with it's pink sparkles and orange, purple, red and white glitters. They have 18 beauty different polishes and these polishes are $10(remember $1 goes to charity) at Lex Cosmetics. So if you want to do some good while having some pretty good looking nails go check them out. And if you have a good enough story you never know your story could be the next new polish.

 *These polishes were given to me for an honest review, all opinions are mine and mine alone.