Monday, November 5, 2012

Cult Nails Baker Nail Art

Dolls I am so in love with Cult Nails Baker! I am so mad at myself that I didn't give this polish the credit it deserves. Baker is a nude color with gold shimmer and it is the perfect back drop of nail art and even by itself.

I love how the shimmer is just as beautiful on the nail as it is in the bottle.

Now I am over the hills for Robin Moses, she makes anything seem possible on her Youtube channel, here are some of the designs I've been inspired to try and granted they aren't as amazing as her's by far but I tried and am having fun learning new things from these talented women.

Here's my try of Easy Fall Leave's Nail Art, I used Cult Nails Baker and random nail art paints.

This reminds me of Christmas and Poinciana. I am totally working on my free hand, I use to be great at it back in high school then I started painting walls so I need to get use to the smaller canvas and pick up some better nail art brushes. I kinda followed Robins direction but then I started going off in my own direction doing lord know but I just got caught up.

Now this one is my favorite and my NOTD it's Robins VAMP Red Roses on Black tips Nail Art. So I skipped the smokey but kept mostly everything else.

I LOVE IT!!! This was the first time doing roses and it's kinda like doing cheetah prints, not as clean as I'd like something I will be working on, but all in all I love this design and you can tell were I did my own thing rather than some of the things in the video.

So what do you think of these designs? Have you seen Robins Youtube channel and have you tried any of the designs out? Lemme know, and if not try it out it's fun and a learning experience. Till tomorrow darlings :)


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