Friday, February 24, 2012

Lacquistry Nail Polish

A couple weeks ago I came across Jenna from Lacquistry on esty. I love the handmade franken nail polishes on that site and when I came across her batches of nail polishes I fell in love but at the same time I never ordered on esty so I didn't really know what to expect. How long would it take, what kind of quailty product would I receive, would it be worth the price, and lastly would it be what I expected. Well I ordered these polishes on the 9th and I got them today the 24th so about 2 week but you also got to understand these are all made by her one person and I knew I wasn't the only one ordering these polishes so I got them in a good amount of time. Now let me tell you about the polishes... I love them! They surpassed everything I thought they would be and it was worth every penny it's cheaper than most on the site at $7.50 but you do have to pay for shipping and handling which depends on where you live like the rest but all in all I paid only $8.50 each. And they are not a minis!! I ordered Bee's Knees and Pecan of the Bells.
 Bee's Knee's

 I used 2 coats of bee's knees over 1 coat of black polish, I love the holo hexs over my black nail polish. But you can also use it over any color that goes with gold I'm going to pair it with green next to see how that goes.
 Pecan of the Bells

 I love how this reminds me of pecan pie, like you dipped your nails in it good enough to eat. I did only 2 coats of this with a top coat over it so it wouldn't look so chunky. But the picture doesn't show the polish to the best advantage it's a real beautiful pecan tan color that's warm and inviting just like a pecan pie =D.

These polishes are chunky glitter polishes that have the perfect amount of glitter. So when Jenna opens up shop again give Lacquistry a visit and take a look around you won't be disappointed. I can't wait for her to open up shop again so I can check out everything else.

So have you tried shopping on And what did you buy or look at?


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