Friday, August 15, 2014

National Relaxation Day

Press Samples

Hey dolls, being that today is National Relaxation Day I have 4 lovely products from Neutrogena to share with you to make your day a little bit more relaxing.

So first up Neutrogena's Triple Repair Fortifying Leave-in Treatment.

 "This breakthrough hair care system has been clinically proven to instantly repair the three leading signs of hair damage:
Mends split ends
Strengthens brittle hair 
Protects from breakage"
 My crazy hair loves this. Living in Florida it's humid and hot all day, except sometimes in the winter months(late January early February.. got to love Florida). I've noticed that my hair is a bit less puffy and the curls I do have, have more of a curl.

Next we have Neutrogena's Rainbath renewing Shower and Bath Gel in Pear & Green Tea.

 This "softens and conditions skin without a heavy leave-behind residue. With its unique fragrance blend of pear and green tea Rainbath works to renew the look of your skin as the rich, moisturizing lather rinses clean. Your skin is left in better condition feeling softer, smoother and truly renewed."
Now I love Neutrogena's Rainbath as you know from my last post here. It leaves me feeling clean and not dried out while the aroma leaves me relaxed. Aroma therapy is an amazing relaxation method to use when you can't seem to get yourself to calm down, it's probably why I love my showers and baths so much.

Now we have Neutrogena's Body Oil Light Sesame Formula.
 "Its light sesame formula glides on easily to moisturize dry skin. It's so sheer it vanishes into shower-damp skin leaving it soft and silky, with a radiant, healthy glow. No moisturizer can touch this experience."
I love this stuff! I'm a brown girl so I tend to get dry, I'd call myself the queen of oils and creams, I love them. The only problem is they tend to leave me oily or overly scented, this body oil doesn't. It leaves you soft and silky. The smell for me is so relaxing, mostly because it's a much needed vacation from smelling like baby oil and Victoria Secrets, at night sometimes you need something light and crisp before bed to just unwind.
Last but not least we have Neutrogena's Norwegian Formula Hand Cream.
"It is so concentrated hat only a small amount instantly leaves dry, cracked hands noticeable softer and smoother after just one application. Used daily, it heals and helps keep dry skin from returning. 
And it's not just for hands. Use it on your elbows, knees, face and lips- anywhere your dry skin needs extra help."
This stuff is crack for dry hands, I can't think of another way to explain it. Your dry spots will feel softer, like you just got a manicure without the oily feeling. This stuff is always in my bag, my desk, car and in my night stand. My husband asks me why I have so many when I can just have one and I told him 1 is not enough, I need it in all my important locations just like my lip balms, hair ties, and tissues, for me this is essential.

So what do you think about these products? Have you tried Neutrogena body products? What your go to products to help you relax? Let me know. Happy National Relaxation Day!!

*These products were sent to me for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. I am loving the Triple Repair line! I have three of the products and it's my fave :)

  2. itsjoydiaz.blogspot.comAugust 18, 2014 at 2:50 AM

    Thank you for sharing! Definetely something I'd use! Happy relaxion day lovely, xx


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