Thursday, April 24, 2014

#tbt JulieG Frosted Gumdrops Collection

Hi Darlings! So imagine having 1000's of picture on a computer that dies, yes that was me. Luckily, I have a great friend who recovered everything for me and is slowly(on my part) teaching me how to use Windows 8 on a computer because honestly on an Iphone it's a piece of cake, yet on a computer I don't know where anything is. Anyways after going through all my lost but found picture I've realized I have a bunch of polishes that for some crazy reason I've never posted about so I'm going to do a #tbt( Throw back Thursday) with JulieG's Frosted Gumdrop Collection. I remember buying these and swatching them, all the while falling in lust with them and as fickle as lust can be I seemed to have forgotten about these swatches yet I still love these polishes because they are so freaking pretty and like the name of the collection they scream out Gumdrops. So let's go....

So let's start with Crushed Candy.
Crushed Candy is a metallic purple with speckles of chunky glitter that blends with the polish.
 Next we have Rock Candy.
Rock Candy is a metallic teal with the same silver glitters.
 Now we have Blueberry Fizz.
Blueberry Fizz is like a sky blue with the same silver glitter as the last 2.
 Next we have Hot Cinnamon.

Now Hot Cinnamon is a bright red with a pink and goldish orange shimmer where they other had chunky silver glitter.
 Next, we have Sugar Rush.
Sugar Rush is a pinkish orange, which at he end of the day you can call coral. Sugar Rush has the same texture as Hot Cinnamon with a golden shimmer.
 Last, but not least we have Tangerine Dream.
Tangerine Dream is a light orange with a very gold shimmer. This reminds me of a sunset orange.

These colors are beautiful and if you love textured polishes these should be in your collection. JulieG make lovely collections and this one is perfect, plus it's candy themed! If you managed to find these I'd definitely pick them up. What do you think of these polishes? Do you have any?


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