Friday, April 25, 2014

Barielle's Velvets Spring 2014 Collection

Press Samples

Spring is in full force for some of us and that means soft and calm spring colors. Barielle's Velvets Collection is full of 6 soft spring colors.

So let's get right into it with Barielle's A Little Exotic.
A Little Exotic is a deep rose pink. It's gorgeous and perfect for a spring is here but subtle look. This is my favorite of the bunch. Formula was perfect with 2 coats.
 Now we have Barielle's Uptown girl.

Uptown Girl is a nude pink. Formula was great with 2 coats.
 Now we have Barielle's My Tan Blazer.
Now let's be honest, not everyone is going to be able to stomach My Tan Blazer, yet I still have yet to meet a color I didn't like and this is no exception. Formula was flawless with 2 coats.
 Next we have Barielle's Sexy Mood.
 Sexy Mood is a beautiful Radiant Orchid, prefect for this year's color. Formula was also spot on with 2 coats.
 Following Sexy Mood is Barielle's Cream & Sugar.
Cream & Sugar is the perfect barely there sheer polish. Formula is perfect with 2 coats.
 Last, but certainty not least we have Barielle's My Week Away.
My Week Away is a beautiful rose pink with a subtle metallic green shimmer(unfortunately didn't really show in the pictures). Formula was amazing with 2 coats also.
 All in all these colors are lovely for spring even if some have been done before. Formula was spot with every color. Which color do you like?

Each polish retails for $8.00.

To check out more different polishes make sure to check out Barielle's site and to stay up to date with giveaways and specials make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

*Products sent for consideration. All opinions are my own.



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