Tuesday, November 18, 2014

You Look Like a Chipmunk

Where in the world have I been?! So the past couple of weeks I have been in the worst pain ever, I am 27 years old and my wisdom teeth wanted to make a grand entrance and I thought I was dieing. I wanted to tie string on my teeth and tie them to a car and have my husband speed away, not caring if he would break my jaw in the process. Needless to say I was able to get an appointment with my dentist to get them yanked out. So for the past 3 weeks I've been getting them yanked out, 2 weeks ago my bottom 2 and 4 days before the makeup show my top 2, nice timing right? Luckily I didn't look like chipmunk at the makeup show, that would have sucked people would have probably confused me as a creep show model.

So now that you know what's been going on with me, let me let you know what's going to start happening. I am a bit behind with my post needless to say but I'm excited to catch up. I have some beautiful Kbshimmers, Stardust, Zoya's, and China Glazes to show you. I also am starting up my youtube channel! Yay! I'm currently working on my Makeup Show video and I also have a video review on the Kbshimmers which I'm very excited about.

So stay tuned!! With that here is a lovely picture of my swollen cheeks!!


  1. I know your pain. I had all 4 done and one time and then got dry socket. Worse pain ever!

  2. Oh no!! That is horrible. We split mine up to see how bad it would be for me(my logic lol)because since I'm still breastfeeding I didn't feel comfortable taking pain meds and luckily I only had to take pain meds 2 times and those were the same days of them removing them. I can't even imagine the pain of dry sockets that was my biggest fear, I saw YouTube videos


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