Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Le Mieux Cosmetics Phyto-Marine Cleansing Lotion Review

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Every once in a while I'll be introduced to a product that blows my mind. Today for me that product is from Le Mieux Cosmetics and it's the Phyto-Marine Cleansing Lotion.

This cleansing lotion has made my end of the night routine so much more simpler and so much more effective than my wipes and makeup removers alone.

Phyto-Marine Cleansing Lotion
Infused with marine extracts including algae extract and sea lettuce extract, this cream-based cleansing lotion gently melts away makeup and surface impurities, while soothing and nourishing epidermal skin layers. The unique marine-vegetal formulation also softens, moisturizes and protects skin’s fragile elasticity.

So this is basically a lotion that picks up your makeup, dirt, oils and all that other crazy stuff that are on the top layer of your skin and it just all comes off with a wet wash cloth. When I say it just comes off it just comes off, no scrubbing, rubbing or letting it sit. Case in point we all have the one mascara that is life because it doesn't move or come off for anything to were at the end of the day we're about to pull out our eye lashed which is a no no because we don't pull on the eye lashes. I rubbed this on my face like I would a regular moisturizer, splashed some warm water on my face and wiped it off with a warm wash cloth and everything was gone from my MUFE liquid ink eyeliner, Their Real mascara and my full coverage face, I'm talking about that butter cream full face all of it gone.

What I love about this cleansing lotion is that not only does it remove all my makeup, it's gentle. I have combination skin so most makeup removers and cleansers leave my face either oily or dry and this left my face feeling clean and like I just put moisturizer on my face. So not only does is take it gives.

So if you're looking for a new makeup remover that is simple and gentle or if your looking for that kick start to make your skin routine more effective than Le Mieux Cosmetics Phyto- Marine Cleansing Lotion is for you and I highly recommend it. 

Phyto-Marine Cleansing Lotion retails for $24 and you can purchase it at My SkinCare Box.

Next on my wish list for Le Mieux their Facial Scrubber can we say my skin dreams about this at night.

To find out more about Le Mieux make sure to check out their Instagram and Facebook.


  1. That sounds heavenly. I honestly didn't apply eyeliner today because I had so much residual still on there from yesterday! (I washed my face three times! But it still looks like I have liner one!) I'm really going to need to check this out. Nobody looks good with day old eyeliner!

  2. This sounds like a fab product :)

  3. This sounds so lovely! The easier, the better in my nighttime routine!

  4. I love cleansing lotions! This one looks great and I'll definitely check it out!

  5. Girl do I know! i've been guilty of rocking the day old eyeliner and it wasn't pretty lol

  6. I still haven't tried First Aid Beauty but it's on my list to try. This lotion is amazing though!

  7. No scrubbing needed, now if only the rest of my house could be cleaned as easy lol

  8. They make everything so much more easier dont they!

  9. You had me at gentle, my skin is sensitive :)

  10. This sounds like a miracle product! I clean with an oil now which I like but it isn't the easiest for traveling.

  11. I'd love to try Phyto-Marine Cleansing Lotion.


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