Monday, December 31, 2012

PITNY Day 1: The Count Down Zoya Style!

Are you ready for the new year? I'm excited and yet nervous for what this new year is going to pertain, but I just can't wait for it to happen this year has been a whirl wind. So I'm taking part of another awesome nail art challenge to work on my nail art skills. And also showing you the Zoya Ornate Collection.

So first up the Zoya Ornate Collection, a must have collection for this year and an amazing collection to bring in the new year with!

First up is Logan, a gorgouse duochrome/jewel toned green/gold that made my jaw drop when I put it on. I only needed 2 coats.
Next up is Blaze, a red beauty with holographic glitters. This polish has to be one of my favorites in this collection. I used 2 coats for the picture but you can easily get away with only 1 the formula is amazing!
Next up is another amazing holographic glitter, Storm a black polish with holographic glitter. This is a pretty black glitter to use for a galaxy nail it's simply stunning.
 Now we have Ziv, is a gold foil which is said to be the gold version of Trixie. It's a beautiful gold foil with hints of silver and deeper gold specks.
Next, we have Aurora, which is a charming purple with holographic glitters.
Last, but not least we have Electra, which is a holographic bar glitter in a clear base. I'm not one for bar glitters so this was kinda okay for me until I put it over Storm and I was like static cling, it has an old school futuristic vibe to it.
All in all this collection to me is a hit! It's perfect to bring in the new year with too! You can order this beautiful in a sample pack or seperately on their site. Also to stay in the know and to find out about amazing deal the fairies give follow them on twitter and like their facebook!

Now on to the nail art!!

So today is all about the Count Down!! *Cough Cough* and sparkles. So I just had to use Zoya's Storm, I mean c'mon do you know of any other black polish with the most amazing holographic glitter that doesn't take away from the color but adds to it's glitz and glamor? I also used Milani's Gold and used the glitters for designs and here's what I ended up with....

I love this polish! It's stellar! So I did a simple 2013 on my ring finer and on the middle finger I tried to make a sand clock to reperesnt the bringing in the new year and on the pinky and pointer fingers I did balls dropping and hanging. I have to really work on working with loose glitters, it might be easier to use if it weren't in a base( have to put that on my list of things to try this new year).

Make sure to check out these amazing girls nail art to see how they are counting down the new year!!

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