Monday, January 28, 2013

Emani's Park Avenue

Hi Dolls, so recently I won a giveaway at Pammy Blogs Beauty a Emani's Park Avenue make-up kit, which I was completely surprised about because I completely forgot I entered like I do with most giveaways. But here is what I won...

It's a vegan friendly product, free of Talc, gluten, and parabens. It includes a vegan contour brush, Base transformer for lips and 3 pure mineral eye shadows.

I was completely amazed by this kits, the brush is so soft and the eye shadows are so pigmented I honestly don't know what I was expecting but this blew me away. Park Avenue comes in 3 different shades....
First up is Java, Java which is well a java metallic color that has the perfect shimmer.

Next is Parfait Dust, which has to be my favorite because it's pink with a gold shimmer.

Lastly, we have White Gold which is a beautiful pearly white.

I just love how well they shimmer and how they look on the skin...

Now it also came with a Powder to Cream Transformer, which you can use to make your eyeshadows into lipsticks which is perfect for Parfait Dust. Here's what they look like with the Powder to Cream Transformer...

You can see the golden shimmer in Parfait Dust so much better! Here's a swatch on my eye and I'm giving you warning my make-up skills are a work in progress, but I'll get there.

I really enjoy Emani's Park Avenue, this was a great product. So if you want to grab yourself a kit or see what else they have check out their site.


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