Friday, February 1, 2013

Flip Flop February Day 1: Gradiant or Skittle

So new challenge and I love it, it's called Flip Flop February by Jilltastic Nail Designs! I love it for 2 reasons 1 because I live in Florida so I wear flip flops all year round even in February and 2 I have choices! So here's a look at the challenge...

So for day one it is either Gradient or Skittles and I chose BOTH!! Haha yea give me choices and I can't decide go figure, I couldn't help myself I decided to do them both and here's what I came up with and very simple skittle gradient...

My inspiration? Skittles!! Seriously I couldn't get skittles out of my head and crazy thing I could never find a bag of skittles when I needed it. But all in all this was a very simple gradient and it's fun.

For this design I used Cuccio's Verona Lace, an Asian no brand neon green polish, Chick's Wild Rooster(which is omg amazing), Dare to Wear's Yellow Twist and Milani's Violet Dash and Jiffy Orange. So what are your thoughts on this simple design?

I am so excited for the rest of this months challenge I feel my creative juices going!


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