Friday, May 10, 2013

Until Graduation!!

Ugh, how I've missed my computer screen and being home. Since I've started beauty school, the Beauty School Drop out song from Grease has been stuck in repeat in my head. It's hard and no one tells you exactly what your getting yourself into until, but I know it'll be worth it and I'll have a banging career and I will make Roman proud, atleast when he's talking to girls, "what does your mom do?" "Oh she's a nail artist, or a makeup artist or an amazing aesthetician." One of those would be fine, but I'll be proud of myself. With that said to open one door I must close another, or atleast focus what's in one room at a time, so I'm going to put blogging on hold until I finish school in September. Because alot of people don't give the credit that's do to alot of these incredible bloggers, it really is a full time job and plus some. For me being a full time student, working full time, and being a mother of a 2 year old and having a husband that acts like a 2 year old it's tough but I'll get through it and maybe I'll come back and tell you about it or you can follow my instagram because that's the only thing I'm active in because I do it at school(go figure). Until than a parting gift a group of amazing gals have got together so one lucky gal will be able to buy some goodies at Ulta!! Who doesn't want a $95 Ulta giftcard!!?

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So you never know it could be you! Good luck to you all and a bit of wisdom when everyday feels like a bad day and nothing seems to be easy now, remember that things are going to get better and things are going to get easier you just have to keep on going and work hard to get to that easy this is what I worked for life you wanna live. So I'm not saying good-bye it's more like a see you later and this girl really has to take a nap.


  1. I wish you the best as you attend school. Wow, you really have your hands full. I have been talking about going back to school too so I can paint nails for fun and be licensed. I already have a career in medical but I only work 3 days a week and have lots of free time to do a second job for fun, like manicures. And my best friend owns her own hair salon so I already have somewhere I can do my thing once I get a license to do so. It isn't about the money, I love makeup and polish and I can only do my own nails so many times. I need other hands to paint! I only really want to do nails though and natural ones at that. Any tips or advice for me? Does it matter that I am older, like well over 40? Well, good luck and I wish you the best! See you in September or whenever you are back blogging again. :)

  2. good luck with school! its hard now but it will be worth it in the end. all the best to you, and i cant wait for you to come back to blogging!

  3. Good luck with school :)
    I can´t wait for you to return :)
    I wont participate in the giveaway though cause I live in Finland and I can´t shop at ULTA :)
    Good luck to everyone :)


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