Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Morgan Taylor Swatches

Press Samples

Happy New Year Dolls!!! I hope you all had a fabulous and wonderful start to your New Year!! First up an update on my front, I'm 8 months pregnant and with that I bet you could imagine my surprise when I woke up 2 weeks ago looking swollen like the Nutty Professor, hands, feet, and cheeks it was crazy. Luckily, now everything is okay and back to where it's okay(now to have the baby and get back to feeling amazing!) so I want to start this New Year off on an amazing foot and what better than with some amazing swatches of some amazing polishes that knocked me off my feet?!!

So I have 3 beauties to show you all from Morgan Taylor, Wonder Woman, Bright Eyes, and Royal Treatment.

First up lets start out with Morgan Taylor's Royal Treatment.

Let me start out by saying so far all the Morgan Taylor polishes that I've tried have an amazing formula, I used 2 thin coats and I didn't use a top coat for the pictures. Royal Treatment is a beautiful deep plum that is a wowzer, it gets the royal treatment from me.

Next we have Morgan Taylor's Bright Eyes.

Bright Eyes left me speechless. In the bottle it has more of a duo-chrome look to it than I was able to capture, but needless to say it still left me like wow. I also have to say how fabulous this formula is I used 2 coats but honestly could have gotten away with 1. The pictures were taken in indirect and direct natural sunlight.

Last but not least is a color close to my heart, Morgan Taylor's Wonder Woman.

Wondering why it's close to my heart? Well hello it's red but not only that Wonder Woman is a simply stunning ruby red, what more could I ask for? Seriously this is my I run the world red and you can't mess with me Wonder Woman red. I can find no wrong with this red, it's a must have Morgan Taylor color.

So what do you think of these Morgan Taylor Lacquers? Have you tried Morgan Taylor Lacquers yet?

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