Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Zoya's Ignite Fall 2014 Collection Review

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Hey Darlings! On this lovely not very exciting Tuesday I have the Zoya's Ignite Fall 2014 Collection to share with you!

This Collection is full of 6 tantalizing fall colors, packed with sizzling shimmer.

So let's start this fire with Teigen.
 Teigen is described as a pink toned cranberry with a copper liquid metal. Teigen is a gorgeous cranberry color, I used 2 coats.
 Next, we have Remy.
Remy is described as a brilliant indigo with copper and gold liquid metallic. Remy is stunning, it reminds me of an underwater starry night, you could actually get away with 1 coat.
 Now, we have Yuna.
Yuna is described as a warm gray with a copper and gold metal. I love seeing a grey in a collection this fall because I am really feeling grey, it is really a beautiful color and the copper and gold shimmer makes it pop. If I also think about it more this color makes me think of of city lights would look like up in the sky. I used 2 coats, but like Remy you could probably get away with 1.
 Next, we have India.
 India is described as a deep, luxurious red with gold liquid metal. What fall collection would be a fall collection without a red? Red is such a festive color and with the gold shimmer this color is going to be a fall staple in my collection.
 Up next is Sansa.
Sansa is described as a deep eggplant with a gold metallic sparkle. This is a flawless eggplant. Me personally I don't really like eating eggplant but I can totally rock it on my nails. This color has the perfect amount of sparkle. I used 2 coats.
 Last, but certainty not least we have Autumn.
Autumn is described as a varnished liquid metal. This is a stunning burnt orange with an amazing gold sparkle and the name is perfect, it really makes you think fall and pumpkins. I used 2 coats.
 The Zoya Ignite Fall 2014 Collection is a beauty. This collection has gotten me so excited for fall. So what do you think of this collection? Any that sets you on fire? Let me know.

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Zoya Nail Polish
$9.00 ea. (US)
Sampler $54.00

*These polishes were sent for review. All opinions and thoughts are my own.



  1. Wow so many great colors for fall!

  2. Beautiful swatches! Love this collection for Fall

  3. Oh my gosh, I seriously love them all. I need to stock up on some darker polishes for fall!

  4. These are great polishes for the fall! I think Teigan is my favorite.


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