Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sweets makes a happy Wednesday

Hi dolls, here's an update on the new job... over time= more money for polishes meaning more polishes for my favorite darlings.... which is yes you guys. I want to make a quick shout out to Sherri for winning my Deborah Lippmann's Mermaid's Dream. Next I want to give everyone notice that at the end of the week I'm thinking Saturday I'm giving away a Deborah Lippmann's Money now Sleep later you can see here, since my birthday is next month if figured I want the winner to have the polish by my birthday so it'll be like opening a present on my birthday. I have a lot of big things planned for the week of my birthday so get ready, it's not everyday I turn 25.

So moving on I've been having a lot of fun with creating Cult Nail's art designs, there are seriously so much you can do with these rhinestones to compliment these beautiful polishes. So today I wanted to create something that made my tummy happy. So here's what I used.

I used the Bronze Muli-sized rhinestones with Crusin' Nude and In a Trance.

   This is my dedication to chocolate moose yummy in my tummy. Next I wanted to try my first cupcake design and I love them, these are what I used.

It takes a lot to make some colorful cupcakes. I used Cult Nail's Crusin' Nude and In a Trace for my base then Feel Me Up, Manipulative, Scandalous, Enticing, Vicious for the frosting and Ionic for a cherry, last I used the Rainbow Multi-size rhinestones for sprinkles.

Do these make you want some cupcakes? I really like how they turned out and they are just so fun. Have you tried cupcake nails yet? How did they turn out? I know I've been preaching to the choir but I love these rhinestones.

Make sure to check out Cult Nails other Media sites too for info on sales, awesome colors, and new on these awesome jems.

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  1. beautiful nail art! it made me smile :)

  2. How cute! Looks awesome! Are you setting up a giveaway form?

  3. Nice!
    PS: Does you already participated in the giveaway on my blog:

  4. OMG Such a SWEEEEEEEET post!!!
    I LOVE IT!!!


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