Monday, June 4, 2012

So Excited

I am so excited to share this sponsor with you. Milani was one of the generous sponsors from our last Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida Meet up. Now I have always been head over heel over Milani products I could go on and on on how much I love all their products from their nail polish to their eye shadows until I'm blue in the face, so I'm just going to show you what I'm talking about today is going to be a day packed full of Milani products and *gasp* not all the products are NPR(Nail polish related) but don't worry it's not going to be one huge post I'm breaking them up.

So here what I recieved from Milani at the Meet Up...
Nifty Bag
Jammed Packed with Make Up

So first off today is about the polishes. I received 10 of them and they go for $4.99 each. Milani is a drugstore brand so you can find them in some Walgreens, CVS, Winne Dixies and other drug stores or you can pick them up online. These polishes all only took 2 coats and they all went on like a charm. I simply love this brand.

First up is Pink Slippers a soft pink with pink shimmer.

Next up is U Pinky Swear which is a simply put it's an amazing creme pink.

Now Hipster Plum was the polish I couldn't wait to try because I have a million lilac purples but no dark plums and this polish for me was perfect. I was a bit scared because it is dark but clean up was amazing and like the rest of the polishes application was perfect.

 Another color that had me drooling is Pink & Proper a deep rose with a sparkly shimmer, this is my favorite color it's just so shimmery.

Now I was really surprised with Just Grayt, it's like the prefect balance between the dark greys and the light greys out there. It reminds me of a smooth shiny concentrate color. 

Up next is a wonderful neutral color, Natural Touch. Now I personally like colors that are close to my skin tone plus it reminds of me hot chocolate.

Now A Rose My Lady was the first polish I tried today and I honestly didn't what to take it off. It's a creamy soft pink with a shimmer.

Now since summer is around the corner there is no surprise that there was a hot pink or fuchsia and Fierce Fuchsia was no exception and it didn't disappoint.

And as we come close to the end we have Morning Coffee which is a warm creamy brown.

 Last but certainty not least is Chocolate Sprinkles a dark chocolate brown polish packed with chocolate sprinkles(sparkles).

 I love these colors, to me their names are very romantic too if you think about it. Make sure you check out Milani's other media sites to check them out and stay in the know.... So how do you feel about these colors?

Milani -

 *I received this as a sponsored item from the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida meetup, all opinions are mine and mine alone.


  1. ooo I'm excited for you! What a fun goodie bad :) I can't wait to see swatches of everything else!

  2. Wow, awesome! I actually have never tried Milani cream polishes (I have quite a few of their glitters, though), and some of these are just beautiful! Maybe I need to force myself to get down and look more closely (every store I shop at, the Milani display is on the very bottom of the shelf).

  3. Wow Love the pinks, awesome package so jealous!

  4. Drooling over the goody bag!

  5. wow - there are so many fabulous colors here!!!

  6. These are so pretty. The pinks in particular.

  7. Such amazing colors!! I really love each one of those!!!


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