Monday, June 11, 2012

There's a Crack in my Mani and I love it!

So let me start off by stating I never have had any luck with crackle polish. It would either be too thick and goopy or it wouldn't crackle no matter how thin or thick I painted or how much I thinned it out. So when I got some LeChat Crackle polish I was kinda of hesitant but after trying this I'm hooked even though I think everyone is over the crackle fad I don't care I'm gonna rock it till I run out of polish.

First for my base color I have Yellow Twist which is now, you can put it on record, is my favorite yellow polish I have had the pleasure to put on my nails. It's a yellow no questions asked.

For the crackle effect I chose to pair it with Reality Red. What can I say it's text book red and together it reminded me of Kill Bill it was that kick butt.

Next we have DJ Mix as my base color. This color was so hard to capture on my camera it a green with an aqua feel to it color that dries matte and that's the part I love about this color.

I paired this color with Canary Crazy a yellow shimmery crackle that I am over the moon for.

Next up we have On the Wild Side, this is such a lovely color it's a lustrous light blue with a hint of green and pink.

  I paired this with Royal Rampage a beautiful metallic royal purple.

Lastly we have Blood Red a rich red.

I paired this with Sky Break  a shimmery light blue crackle.

I am over the moon for these polishes and crackles! Application was simple and smooth and dry time was about 2 minutes. So what do you think about these polishes? I hope you like them just as much as me. So check out these polishes on their site and make sure to check out their facebook to keep up with their current promotions and updates.

*These polishes were given to me from a PR for a honest review, all opinions are mine and mine alone.


  1. Love them all, but the first yellow-red mani is my favorite!

  2. Those are great combos. I think my face is either the DJ Mix combo or on the wild side.

  3. I love your color combos! I really like crackles/shatters. I got into them late in the game, but they are great to make a mani last a few extra days. I get compliments every time I wear one.

  4. Bringin it back! Crackles are retro now. :)

  5. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the red and yellow!!!

  6. I like the combos you made very much! and althouhg i'm not a big crack fan, I think these look real pretty on you!
    Naturally, my most favorite polishes are the yellow and the red (the red regular polish. Not the red crack :-D)

  7. Great combos! My favorite is Dj Mix with Canary Crazy!

  8. Nice! So far I can't get it to work for me, but I might just try this brand.

  9. i love crackle! im so happy to see someone else on the bandwagon with me! i love how you layered them!

  10. Nice...the Reality Red crackle looks like cinammon Jelly Belly's!! Yummm

  11. Interesting combos. I'm all over the first one!

  12. I love these! The color combos are fantastic!


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