Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nail Potions

Hi Dolls, recently I decided to dive right back into the indie polish world and it's litary blown up! There are so many amazing polish creators out there I didn't know where to start. So over the next couple of weeks I will be more than happy to show you these amazing ladies creations and tell you a bit about the mind behind your favorite polishes. So starting today I want to introduce you to....

by Kunimitsu

Kunimitsu is an Etsy shop ran by a darling named Jessica and no I don't love the shop just because she name is also Jessica or the fact she lives in Florida just like me no or the fact that she's simply wonderful... they are pluses but no, I love her shop because of how it all just came together like a puzzle. It's a simple polish story really, girl loves polish, girl becomes addicted(lol), girl mixes up polish, people love polish, people want customs polish, to Happily Etsy after. I love how it just all fit together and she's able to do something she loves. Oh and lets not forget that she makes wonderful polishes dur that's a big one! So on with the polishes...

So I'm excited to show you these 2 polishes, Coda and Cold Shoulder.

First up we have Coda, a sheer black polish with white and gray hex glitter with red sparkly glitter and small holo glitter. I swatched this over Milani's Black magic except the pinky which is only 3 coats of Coda.

 Next up we have Cold Shoulder a top coat polish that full of lots of white glitter hexes small and medium, peppered with blue glitters in a clear base. Big ice blue squares, bright blue and teal glitters with micro baby blue holo glitter. In the descriptions it states "The large blue squares do have a slight curve to them - If this bothers you with glitters, you can request that it be made without the large blue squares. Just say so in the check out comment box." So I will should you the polish is the big squares and one without.

First I paired it with Julep's Marisa and kept the big squares.

Next I paired it with China Glaze's Purple Panic(neon) without the big squares.

 I adore these polishes and Jessica for making them. Her shop is open on weekends, while supplies last. She spends alot of time on the weekends getting orders made & filled and she never ever list more than she can ship out the following Monday or don't have supplies for so your not waiting so long for your goodies to arrive. So if you enjoyed her polishes just as much as me check out her shop on etsy and check out her other amazing creations. Also make sure to like her facebook page and let her know I sent you. So what do you think of these indies? Do you think you'd try them? And if you seen her polishes which one is your favorite? Till tomorrow dolls!

 *These polishes were sent to me  for a honest review, all opinions are mine and mine alone.


  1. Both of these polishes look great!

  2. I have three polishes from her: Pixels, Flame Point Siamese and Kunimitsu. I really like them. I'd love to try Coda though, it looks so cool.


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