Monday, June 18, 2012

A Color and a Cure

Now I will put about just about anything on my nails and face, I'm not afraid to try new things but at the same time I know that all actions have outcomes some good some bad. Now some nail polishes as beautiful as they may be can wreck havoc on my nails from chipping and taking a little piece of me with it to making me feel like I dipped my finger in food dye after taking the polish off major stains. So I was super excited to try Dermelect "ME" Anti- Aging Colored Nail Lacquer. I've seen this in so many magazines I just had to try it. This is a Peptide- Infused, 3 free nail polish, cruelty free polish! This brand has 6 colors...

Today I have 2 to show you Power Trip and Luxurious.

First Power Trip, a red with a pink undertone, to me it's a sweet red.

Next up is Luxurious, a rich lilac. I am in love with this lilac and I really like lilac.

These polishes went on like a charm, there was a bit of staining with Power Trip but with a simple base coat there was no problem. You can buy these polishes off of Dermelect's web site, they retail for $14 and check out their other amazing products. Also make sure to check out their facebook page and twitter for promo's and updates. So what do you think of these 2 colors?


  1. Those colours are both so pretty! xxx

  2. Leaving another post here for your awesome giveaway sake: this is a post that shows my favorite type of posts: new, never heard of before brand of polish that has great colors and look.
    I love to see your opinion on new things that I would never have the chance of seeing otherwise!!!

  3. love the awesome Lilac color


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