Sunday, May 6, 2012

Laying in Soflajo's Field of Clovers

Hello Dolls today I want to show you a polish from SoFlaJo she was a doll and sent me a bottle of polish to review. So today I have Field of Clovers. Field of Clover is from her Spring Flowers Collection and it is a beautiful green glitter polish with green micro glittlers mixed in with purple, pink, gold and red glitters.

This polish is perfectly fine on it's own this is only 2 coats but if you like you can also pair it with a black back drop....

I love how her polishes are packed with these hidden little surprises, the purple glitters are like holo's so in the sun this polish is beautiful it's like the little rainbow flowers you can find in a pack of clovers. Makes me what to lay in the grass if it wasn't for those pesky fire ants, so I will stick to sprinkling glitter in my grass instead and comparing it to my nails.

You can purchase SoFlaJo polish on one of 2 places. Her Etsy Shop or her blog. Her polish range from mini's at $5 and large bottles at $10. She has a lot of amazing polish and she is such an amazing person so go check her out and also check out her facebook to keep track of all her amazing creations, I'm drooling over her Year of the Dragon collection, I'm just in love with her duo-chromes. So till tomorrow.

 *These polishes were given to me for an honest review, all opinions are mine and mine alone.


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