Sunday, April 22, 2012

Puzzling indeed

Hello my darling, today in sunny Florida it is the opposite of sunny, it's just rainy and wet. But I'm not gonna let that put my good mood in a damper no so today's theme is Black & White for the 31 day challenge that I'm taking part of on Painting Outside the Lines facebook page. Today I did Nail Polish Wars puzzle nails and I'm in love with them this time...

My first try with colors was horrible but I decided to try again and it was a success not perfect but passable. I used American Apparel's Hassid and Sally Hansen's White On, to make the squares I just used my stripping tape because me and scotch tape don't get along when it comes to my nails and for the dots I used one of my 2 heads bundle monster dotters oh and some Seche in between coats.
not perfect in face their is sweater lint on it funny how you notice after you put the pictures up

I liked this design it took time to wait for the paint to dry but I had time since it was raining. I actually had some other idea when I first start with the black and white.... I tried black and white with holographic polishes Hit's Zeus and Ozotic 509. I was gonna use this one but I thought the Ozotic 509 was more of the silver side. But I love these polish I got them off Llarowe site, she has way tooooo many great polishes my wallet crys at night. I can't wait till she gets to the "P's" on the Lynnderella wish lists... so close I cant wait till CTD is sitting in my mail box along with Love, lace, and lilac.

Not only that I also paired it with Cover Bands Sticks and Stones, how sick is that, grated it does take a little out of the design a bit but not too much it reminds me of tile flooring but hotter.

I also wanted to use the NCLA nail wraps I got a while ago but hubby said one wasn't all black and white but I said so it's flipping amazing but he said no it says black and white and the other he said my pair up was too black but check these babies out... a bit of warning this is my first time putting on nail wraps so it's not as perfect as they can be, but surprisingly these were actually easy to put on only thing that kind of got me was how inflexible they were but they fit to the nail rather than laid and crinkled like I've seen some other brands do so all and all these babies are a win for me.
It seriously looks like it's blinging... perk no actual eye hurting bling :)

I love this design this is why I bought it rwarrr!

The top one is Gold Dust and the bottom one is I Don't Play Nice both paired with American Apparel's Hassid, I Don't Play Nice is from the Melody Ehsani collaboration and I love the designs as you can see in the picture you can wear them all at once or use them as an accent either way they are  amazing. I ordered mine from their site NCLA they go for $16 and you get 2 sheets so each sheet has 22 patterns in different sizes so your looking at 2 mani a sheet so all together in simple terms it's 4 complete mani or a lot of accent nails!! Like it or love it, I for one Love them and can't wit to try out the others they have because H-Fi Stereo and Geri are calling to my nails lol so what do you think?


  1. I love love love the puzzle!!
    I am not too crazy over the gold but the rawrrr is AWESOME!!!

  2. every single one of these mani's is perfection!

  3. Oh wow~ the puzzle mani looks cool!

  4. Your black and white puzzle piece mani is so nice!

  5. Your puzzle pieces look great!!! Thank you for the link back to my site!!!!!!! :D

  6. Love this type of nail art, you're very talented, this is really neat and well done! :D

  7. that puzzle piece mani is Amazing!! great job! I love your blog!


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