Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Your Wall Paper looks a little yellow

 Hello dolls so today is day 3 and it's all about yellow so I was totally stumped I didn't know what to do all I know is I didn't want to do a wally world smiley face and a banana because everyone else seemed to have that idea. So I chose to do wall paper.... a little out there I know so this is my entry.

This was actually simple. I used a bottom coat of Sunshine state taped it off at an angle and painted the top hassid.
After that I stamped it with Red Angel plate 112 added a final top coat and added some rhinestones and way out the door... literally I had to do some shopping for an international swap I'm in. I got alot of compliments on it and people saying the normally don't wear yellow but they'd wear it like this. This design reminded me of wall paper that you would imagine is a romance novel when they say "Sir they are waiting in the yellow room" lol yes I love romance novels as much as I love nail polish lol. So when you see this design what do you think of?


  1. I love it. What a great color combo!

  2. This looks gorgeous!
    I love yellow and I love THIS yellow and I would never think of doing anything like that - until I just saw it!
    It's real pretty!!!

  3. I love this combo! It looks so cute!

  4. I love yellow and man I love this mani!! If we're talking wallpaper it reminds me of a bright cheery modern kitchen with a nice chair rail. Gorgeous!

  5. Cute I love yellow so pretty!

    Found your page from the PR page from facebook :) Joined your page.

    Sarah @


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