Sunday, April 15, 2012

Oh My Word...

I have once again falling in love with one of Pahish's Polishes. Underwater train is full of what every girl who's veins bleed glitter loves...GLITTER!!. And not just any glitter a jelly balanced filled glitter so it's not a gritty dry feeling polish. Her description is a sheer royal blue/violet base with large blue hex, red/pink/purple/holographic teal micro glitter my description Ha Wow... All you need is a top coat to add a little gloss. Get ready for the picture spam....

1 coat

2 coats

Need I say anything more lol


  1. It's oh so pretty!!! So gutted I missed out on it again when she did the restock! I snapped up a load of other shades though luckily!
    Train underwater is so pretty next to your skintone!

  2. That color is just gorgeous!!


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