Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

I wish I could show you my grand Easter Themed nails today but I don't have any because today I get to have the unfortunate luck of having to spend the day with people who scoff at anything out the norm and to them nail art is a waste of time, so to have a some what smooth day I've decided to keep it simple. But I'm excited to finally to be able to use my March Julep box. I used Alicia and Portia from the Boho box. Alicia is a pretty salmon and Portia is a light blue sparkly sheer polish. I wasn't sure how they'd look together so at first I was on the fence so I was just gonna use Alicia but nope couldn't conform all the way so I added Portia for a little extra excitement(bet I'm gonna hear about this later smh).

The glitter on top kinda reminds me of fish scales I think it turned out nice and subtle so it shouldn't cause too much fuss lol.

Also I would like congratulate Thea she was the winner in my first giveaway of a DL mermaid's dream. She also has a blog and she's having a giveaway too so check her out. Check out the blog here and the giveaway here.

I'm trying to find out what to have for my next giveaway almost at 500 follower.... any Realistic ideas? A bunch of people are interested in a Llaowe gift certificate and others are saying I should choose something I like alot, which is hard to choose maybe some frankens?


  1. aww well just scoff at them!! this is a lovely color

  2. Such a pretty color *O* and Portia does look like fish scales! Love it♡

  3. This is such a pretty color! And with the added flakies it looks SO elegant!

    And despite my earlier vote, Franken sounds best ;-))
    (going to re-vote!)

  4. Absolutely love that color!! Looks fantastic on you!! :)

  5. loving this color
    never heard of this polish, but i am gonna keep my eyes open for it now!!


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