Monday, March 26, 2012

What Happened to 3/24 Post? Opps

Talk about being scattered brained this is for 3/24/2012 I saved this post but didn't publish it I don't know what happened so here's the post it lives... lol...

Hey everyone I got some nail mail from Dollish Polish I like her polishes but some of them are hit and misses for me like this weeks I got Urban Camo and Super Bass. Urban Camo was a win for me and Super Bass was a eeuughh *shrugs* it didn't do anything for me. So starting off Urban Camo it's clear base polish with neon green, black, white and silver glitters. I layered it over American Apparel's Hunter which is a deep dark forest green.

My AA Hunter Base

Close up inside natural lighting

Inside natural lighting

Outside lighting

Outside lighting close up
I loved how it was easy to get the glitters out I didn't have to dig around for the white glitters and I like the outcome. This was 2 coats of AA and 1 coat of Urban Camo. It made me what to play a video game... or not but I liked it. Now super bass I paired it Essie's Pink-a-boo it was so so.

Pink-a-boo as a base because it reminded me of Nicki's hair

Up close inside lighting

outside lighting

Bath room lighting with WnW On a Trip

Up close
I think my only problem with this polish is I had to dig and I mean dig for these glitters the only glitters I was getting was the little fine glitters and that drove me nuts because i got it for it's larger glitters and there they were sticking to the side of the bottle so this polish for me was a miss. Have you tried Dollish Polishes?

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  1. Oooh aaaah I love the glitters in Urban Camo, especially the white hexes! And I really like Super Bass over Pink-A-Boo, but that sucks that you had to dig for the glitter! :-( I just ordered my first Dollish Polish the other day, California Gurl, I'm so excited to try it! :-)


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